Eastside Working Group


The Eastside Community Plan Working Group is to be comprised of fifteen (15) Eastside community members: residents, business owners or those with significant business interests, community leaders, young professionals, families, seniors, members of the Russian Community, WHCC board members, and a residential landlord.  Members may represent more than one stakeholder category. The fifteen (15) members will include ten (10) members appointed at-large by a majority vote of the Council, in addition to one (1) member appointed directly by each Councilmember.  

The purpose of the Working Group is to develop an Eastside Community Plan to be completed in a period of twelve months.  The Working Group may continue to meet after that period as needed to discuss implementation and monitor progress on the Community Plan.  

With the support of staff and consultants, the Working Group will develop a Community Plan to catalog and prioritize the needs of the Eastside, develop implementation strategies, and, in concert with staff, make recommendations to City Council regarding implementation of the Plan.  

In September, 2013 an Eastside Task Force recommended four main areas to be addressed in the Community Plan: land use, economic development (and possible formation of a Business Improvement District), civic engagement, and public events.  The Working Group will discuss and expand upon these themes to further delineate goals, objectives and strategies for the Community Plan.  Depending on the needs identified by the Working Group, the Community Plan may address a wide range of issues including housing, transportation/mobility, community services, or other topics.

Meetings of the Eastside Working Group will be from February 2014 to February 2015 and on an as-needed basis thereafter.  The Group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm in room #5 at the Community Center at Plummer Park – 7377 Santa Monica Blvd.  For more information, contact Bianca Siegl at 323-848-6853.   

The current members of the Eastside Working Group are:

Lisa Andreson
Marina Berkman
Justine Block
Chad Blouin
Michael Dolan
Carlos Florez
Emily Gable
Steve Martin
Jared Meisler
Jeannie Olander
Jesse Slansky
Neal Zaslansky