Edible Parkway Gardening

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EdibleParkwayThe City of West Hollywood encourages residents to plant and get the most from public parkway strips. The parkway strip is the area between the sidewalk and the curb. It is public property and, with the exception of the City street trees, it is your personal responsibility to beautify and maintain.

Planting a garden is a great way to grow your own edible food. Gardening can be hard, albeit rewarding, work. The more time you dedicate to your garden, the better the results you get.

  • Experiment and have fun!
  • When starting out, consider buying and planting seedlings in your garden as opposed to seeds. Seed germination can be a difficult process.
  • Planting various herbs, chives, onion and garlic will help to keep pests away and nothing’s better than having home-grown seasonings. You can really taste the difference.
  • If you want to grow from seed, the following options are more durable and easier to grow: carrot, radish, lettuce and sugar snap peas.

Please ensure that any gardens do not interfere with the health of the trees or create unsafe conditions for pedestrians or drivers. Do not attempt to trim or remove the trees or roots as all maintenance may only be conducted by the City.

If you have any questions about your garden and parkway regulations, please call the City of West Hollywood’s Department of Public Works at (323) 848-6400.