Art on The Outside is the City's temporary art program that installs rotating temporary artworks on the City's medians and parks. These works include sculpture, murals and other outdoor works, most of which remain on display for between 6 months-3 years. Temporary Public Art Project Proposals can be submitted through our online application found here.



 YoMeryl Banner 2_aoto splash The Kicks of Route 66 an art on construction fence mural at 8120 Santa Monica Blvd.
 Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom Mei Xian Qiu on the ground floor of the West Hollywood Park parking structure.
 The Art of Chase - parking bay City Hall Automated Garage murals by Bron, Kim West, MONCHO1929 and The Art of Chase
 Coyote stalking HACER on the Santa Monica Boulevard median at Doheny - coming September 2016
 Installation 2016 (a) Gray Malin, Llama White Balloons on Sunset Blvd.
CYDI logo CAN YOU DIG IT? in Plummer Park through 2016.
Suspended Motion 1 Collaborative project, Suspended Motion, by MONCHO1929 and City Poet Steven Reigns in the City Hall Community Plaza
Lisa Williamson in Kings Road Park extended through December 2016.
 mars8 Electronic Billboards on Sunset Boulevard
ShepardFairey Art in the Streets is a series of three large murals that were installed as part of MOCA's Art in the Streets
Los Cuidadores Ramiro Gomez in West Hollywood Park