Library Community Room



The Community Meeting Room is a room with no fixed furniture, which can accommodate approximately 80 people depending on seating arrangements.  There are some general rules that you should be aware of concerning the use of the Community Room:

  • Meetings in the Community Meeting Room need to be open to the general public and cannot charge (either by membership fee or admission charge).
  • Meetings in the Community Meeting Room must be either arts and culture related or educational in nature.
  • Food and drink are allowed in the Community Meeting Room but you are responsible for all damages.
  • Bookings must incorporate set-up and breakdown time. Minimum of 2 hours for a booking.
  • For room rentals there is a limit to the number of times that one can use the room (4 per year, with no more than one booking at a time). Bookings must be reserved and paid for at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. We do not rent the room for recurring weekly or monthly meetings.
  • For the Community Meeting Room, rental use outside normal Library operating hours is subject to additional fees for staff time.
  • No A/V support is provided for room rentals, basic microphone set-up can be provided and a projection screen is available (users will have to supply their own projector). If users wish to use the existing room technology (projector, bluray, etc.) a tech support person must be hired through the City for an additional charge.
  • Applicant is responsible for any damages to equipment or property. If it is determined that damage to the room beyond normal and customary wear and tear has occurred, an invoice will be issued to the applicant and use of City facilities may be suspended.
  • City sponsored classes and events have priority over all other activities. The City may revoke any previously approved activity that conflicts with City sponsored classes, meetings, events, etc.
  • For private room rentals, on any printed and/or online invitations and handouts you must include the disclaimer “This program is not sponsored or endorsed by the City of West Hollywood or the Los Angeles County Library.”

To check for room availability click here, and look for unbooked times that fit your schedule. You must leave a space of one hour between your request and the next meeting for facilities to be able to reset the room. There is no reason to 'subscribe' to the calendar, and we recommend that you do not do so.

Here are the rates for the Community Meeting Room (CMR). If you are unsure of your residency please check your address against this list:  

 Rate Type   First Hour  Each Additional Hour
 Resident Commercial  $110  $35
 Non-Resident Commercial  $242  $35
 Non-Resident Non-Profit  $121  $35

A/V Support Fee: Outside users (any non-City or Library Staff) must bring their own projector. If you wish to use the in house projector, the tech support company must be hired at a cost of $450 per event (up to 4 hours, $150 for each additional hour)

Paid room reservations that are cancelled less than two weeks prior to the event/meeting date are non-refundable.

For Resident Non-Profit Organizations, the rental fee is waived (You must submit your paperwork proving 501c status. The resident address must match the 501c paperwork or a recent 990 from the past 2 years. No other forms of address verification will be accepted). Only non-profits based in West Hollywood can qualify for a room rental fee waiver. Please check your address against this list if you are unsure of where you are: Non-profts must still pay the after hours use fee and any A/V support fees.

PLEASE NOTE: The Rooms at the Library Facility are in high demand. Interested individuals are encouraged to book early and in some cases up to 6 months in advance of their desired rental date.

To inquire about booking this room please fill out the Facility Use Request Form, sign and initial it, and scan it along with the Room Set Up Form to  You may wish to email ahead for availability (please email time/date requested, your name, number of people expected, and the purpose of the meeting). For pictures of potential room set-ups please scroll to the bottom of the page.

A/V Specs for the room can be found here.

If your event does not meet the criteria of the Community Meeting Room (open to the public and arts+culture/educational in nature), some other possible free or for a charge spaces may be available via,, or through Plummer/West Hollywood Park.


Parking Info:

Our policy is that users of the community meeting room for rental meetings not use the Library Parking structure. Your guests would park in the Public/Park parking structure across the alley. If you wish to prepay for parking validations for you guests you should email with the exact number of vaildations you would need, the date and the time. You can see the offical parking rates here:



You are allowed to have food and non-alcoholic beverages in the Community Meeting Room. Longshot Coffee in the Library complex is our prefferred vendor for your catering needs at the Library, however you are welcome to use any caterer for your event without restriction. The serving tables for your food must be placed along the uncarpeted area of the room near the window to reduce risk of spillage, and you are responsible for any damages to the room.

Longshot Coffee contact info: /


Layouts and Photos: 

Possible layout/configurations of the Community Meeting Room. Please note, when requesting your room set-up you will have to draw a diagram to inform facilities of what set-up you would like. These are some samples of what sorts of set-ups can fit in the room, but can be tailored up to the number of chairs/tables available and space available. The maximum number of chairs that can fit on one side of a table is 3.

Conference Room

U Shape

Audience Style

Classroom 1

Classroom 2
Classroom Set up 2 (above): 18 chairs, 9 tables. Above you can see the projection screen which available for your use, but you must supply our own projector. The laptops in the above picture are provided by the user. Also, free wifi is available in the room by joining the 'Weho Wifi' network and clicking accept upon opening your browser, but we cannot guarantee connectivity or a certain speed of connectivity.