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What are the operating hours for the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station?
The station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, administrative and detective personnel primarily work weekdays during normal business hours.

Where is the Station located?
West Hollywood Station
780 N. San Vicente Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 855-8850 Business
Call 9-1-1 in an emergency

What is the Sheriff’s non-emergency number?
(310) 855-8850

Which Fire Department services my area and what is the non-emergency number for the department?
Fire Station #7 is located at 864 N. San Vicente Blvd. and primarily services the west side of the city. The non-emergency number is (310) 358-3430.

Fire Station #8 is located at 7643 Santa Monica Blvd. and primarily services the east side of the city. The non-emergency number is (323) 654-5445.

The Fire Prevention Office number is (310) 358-2380. Their hours are from Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 10:00AM for permits, etc.

Who is the Captain at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station?
Captain Sergio Aloma. The West Hollywood Sheriff's Station non-emergency phone number is (310) 855-8850.

What is the Public Safety Department? How is it different from the Sheriff’s department?
The Public Safety Department is a part of City Hall and encompasses programs that are partnered with the Sheriff’s and Fire Departments, including emergency preparedness and Neighborhood Watch. It is not composed of first responders. The Sheriff’s Department is a law enforcement agency for the City and will investigate crimes and patrol the City. The Public Safety Department manages the City’s contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

What is the difference between a Sheriff's Deputy, Police Officer, and California Highway Patrol?
All three are peace officers and are authorized under the California penal code with identical police powers anywhere in California.

A Deputy Sheriff works for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. California is divided into many counties, one of which is Los Angeles County. In Los Angeles County, communities that have not incorporated into cities contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to provide law enforcement services and to operate the county jails and courts (including extra services such as SWAT teams, specialized detective units, air support and emergency services, all at a substantial savings to the City). Dozens of cities in Los Angeles County contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to provide law enforcement services for their City.

A Los Angeles Police Officer (LAPD) works for the City of Los Angeles. The LAPD is an independent police agency operating within the incorporated City of Los Angeles.

California Highway Patrol Officers provide traffic-related enforcement in various communities as well as on freeways.

Where is the nearest office of the Department of Motor Vehicles?
There are two offices close to West Hollywood:

936 North Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, 90046
For vehicle registration only

803 Cole Avenue
Hollywood, 90038

How do I get access to the sex offender registry for my area?
Megan's Law (sex offender registry) is available through many websites on the Internet:  

What happens to someone when they get arrested?
Depending on the level of the crime, the person will either be held for court or released on a promise to appear.

What are the definitions of the different types of crimes?
There are three "grades" of crimes:

Misdemeanor: On a misdemeanor arrest the suspect will be taken to the station and booked. This includes fingerprinting and identification checks. In many cases, he/she will then be released on a promise to appear citation. The suspect can also be held at the station until the Court Date if the circumstances dictate such action. If the offense is alcohol or drug related, the suspect will stay at the Sheriff's Station until he or she can safely care for themselves and then be released.

Felony: On a felony charge the suspect will be taken to the Sheriff’s Station and held until his or her Court Date (usually within two business days). They may also have the option to post bail.

Juvenile Crime: Juveniles who are detained are taken to the Sheriff’s Station and held pending either a transport to Juvenile Hall or released to their parent/guardian.

Can I get my fingerprints taken at the Sheriff’s Department?
The West Sheriff's Station does not offer this service. The State of California Department of Justice will help you search for a location near you:  

How do I obtain a restraining order against someone?
These are orders from a judge, restricting contact between specific people. They can be obtained at a court that has jurisdiction in your area.

For the West Hollywood area contact:
9355 BURTON WAY, #101

In certain domestic violence situations, peace officers can obtain emergency protective orders (only valid until the victim can apply for a restraining order from the local court).

How can I get a copy of a criminal or traffic report?
Depending on the nature of the report and any confidentiality issues involved, copies of reports are generally available through the station that took the report. Reports take approximately one week to become available. Traffic accident reports may take longer. If you do not have the report's file number, please be prepared to supply the date, time, location and name of the parties involved to assist in locating the proper report.

As of January 2013 the approximate fees are:

Traffic Report: $23
Criminal Report: $23

How do I get a citation signed off for proof of correction?
Bring the vehicle that was cited, the citation, and proper identification to the Sheriff's Station for inspection. As of January 2013, there is an approximate $17.00 fee required. This service is also available at county court facilities.

How can I get a permit for overnight parking in West Hollywood?
Please check the Parking Department’s website on parking permits

If my car has been towed, how do I locate it?
The first step is contacting the Sheriff’s Department. They will be able to tell which tow yard your vehicle has been towed to. The two towing companies used by the City are:

Hollywood Tow
1015 N. Mansfield Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 466-5421

All City Tow
5832 Adams Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(323) 934-0404

In most cases you will be responsible for paying any towing and storage charges or fees directly to the towing company.

How can I find out the progress of an investigation or court case?
Call the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station weekdays during business hours at (310) 855-8850. If you do not have the report's file number, please be prepared to supply the date, time, location and name of the parties involved to assist us in locating the proper report.

How do I volunteer to help at my local Sheriff’s Station?
The Sheriff's Department has a number of programs for people to become involved with in their specific community. Please contact the Community Relations office at the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station during business hours to learn more about the volunteer opportunities at the West Hollywood Station.

How do I find out the status of a person who has been arrested?
Call the Jailer at the West Hollywood Station or call the LASD Inmate Information Line at (213) 473-6100.

Who should I call to complain about (or to compliment) a law enforcement officer?
All California police agencies have a procedure for investigating complaints about individual officers or Department procedures in general. For incidents involving Sheriff's Department personnel or procedures, you can call the West Hollywood Station on-duty Watch Commander (24 hours) at (310) 855-8850.

For incidents involving other local law enforcement agencies, you should contact the agency in question directly.

What happens if I refuse to sign a traffic?
When a person refuses to sign a citation, a deputy is required to arrest and bring them directly before the magistrate having jurisdiction. This may involve being held at a local or central jail facility overnight or during the weekend until court is next in session. Signing a citation is merely your promise to appear in court for a violation. Your signature is not an admission of guilt. Only a judge can levy punishments.

How long will I have to wait for a patrol car to answer my call for service?
Calls for service are handled in order of priority based on the level of emergency each incident represents. Crimes in progress, rescues and felony crimes take precedence over non-violent crimes and report calls. Because emergency calls often require the coordinated efforts of many units, deputies may be delayed arriving to non-emergency calls. Desk personnel continually review the current calls for service and should advise you by telephone if a deputy expects a delay of more than thirty minutes. Please do not use the 911 telephone system for non-emergency situations.

What happens when I dial 9-1-1 from my cell phone?
9-1-1 from a cell phone may be immediately connected to a California Highway Patrol office instead of the local Sheriff’s Station. It will then be routed to the nearest law enforcement agency, depending on your location. This may delay the response time. It is recommended that you type the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station non-emergency line directly into your cell phone in order to mitigate this delay, (310) 855-8850. 9-1-1 calls made from your landline are directly connected to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

Do I have to give my name when reporting a crime?
No. We will attempt to investigate an anonymous crime tip, however, court decisions impose limitations on investigations based solely on anonymous tips. We recognize that you may not want to be identified by the people you are reporting. If you have concerns, request that your information be kept confidential or that deputies not contact you when they respond.

Often misunderstood terminology.
Burglary vs. Robbery - These two theft crimes often get confused. A person who breaks into a home, business or locked car to steal is committing burglary. A person who steals from another person directly by force (like a purse snatch) or fear (threats or by using a weapon) is committing a robbery.

Assault vs. Battery - The severity of the crime and punishment involved in assaults depends on many specific factors including whether the person actually struck another or just tried to, whether a weapon was used, what kind of injury resulted (or would most likely result), and the relationship between the parties (assaulting someone in a domestic relationship, a small child, or an official such as police, fire, postal workers, etc. would be a more serious crime).

Trespassing vs. Loitering - Trespassing occurs when a person enters or remains on private property which has signs prohibiting entry or after they have been told to leave by the owner. Loitering involves remaining in a public place without business.

Hate Crime vs. Hate Incident - Hate crimes are crimes motivated by bias against a victim based on his or her actual or perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or disability. Hate incidents are similarly motivated but lack the elements of damage to property, harm or the immediate threat of harm, or violence. These are non-criminal, typically verbal.

Terrorist Threats - Terrorist threats are a very specific felony crime involving threats of death or great injury from a person capable of committing the threat. This is often confused with people who provoke fights or with threatening phone calls (in some circumstances, these are misdemeanor crimes).

File Number - This is the unique number assigned to a report taken by a Deputy Sheriff. A Deputy taking a report will often leave a form with the person reporting the crime including this number. As we take many thousands of various reports each year, having this number on hand will make it much easier to reference your report.

Call or Tag Numbers - Whenever a Deputy handles a call or stops a car, even for a warning, the computerized dispatching system attaches a unique number to that incident.

Where is the County Jail (Inmate Reception Center) located?
The address is 441 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles. It is downtown near the Union Station. The telephone number for inmate information is: (213) 780-2600.

How do I deal with an ongoing issue with people who are homeless on my property?
You may contact the Sheriff’s non-emergency number (310) 855-8850 if a person who is homeless is trespassing, harassing, or engaging in other illegal activity. The Sheriff's Department has a special division known as the C.O.P.P.S Team (Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving) which specializes in working with people who are homeless.

You may also contact the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative Concern Line at (323) 848-6590 to have a street outreach team check on a person who is homeless.

What does the Sheriff's Department do to help people who are homeless in West Hollywood?
The Sheriff’s C.O.P.P.S Team (Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving) is a special team that commonly interacts with people who are homeless. Often, these deputies already have an established relationship with certain people who are homeless in the community. Deputies carry information and resources which can help people who are homeless find shelter, food and clothing. The Sheriff’s C.O.P.P.S. Team can be reached at (310) 855-8850. Another division working closely with the people who are homeless is the City’s Social Services Division. This division can be reached at (323) 848-6510. Deputies and Social Services staff work with P.A.T.H. (People Assisting the Homeless) which provides different services to help people get back on their feet. P.A.T.H can be reached via their website at .

Do emergency vehicles have to run their siren?
Yes. It is a state law for emergency vehicles to run their sirens when responding to an emergency.

Who do I complain to about helicopter noise?
Helicopters are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (PHPA) has a website where one can leave comments. PHPA can be reached at (323) 929-7472 or at

How do I register for “Alert LA” in order to receive alerts in an emergency via texts, emails or phone calls?
Please go to:

When does the Public Safety Commission meet?
Barring holidays, the Public Safety Commission meets every second Monday of the month. For more information visit their webpage.

When does the Russian Advisory Board meet?
Barring holidays, the Russian Advisory Board meets the third Tuesday of the month. For more information visit their webpage.  

When does the Transgender Advisory Board meet?
Barring holidays, the Transgender Advisory Board meets the first Wednesday of the month. For more information visit their webpage.

Is there a Neighborhood Watch Group in my area?
If you are interested in finding out if your area has an existing Neighborhood Watch group, please click here.

The Neighborhood Watch groups are listed by name and geographic area covered. For more information, or to form a new group, call the City Manager's Department at (323) 848-6460.

What do I do about bicycles on the sidewalk?
Bicycles are not permitted on city sidewalks where a bicycle lane is present (WHMC 15.53.010). A bicycle is as dangerous to a pedestrian as a car is to a cyclist. That is why it is illegal to ride bicycles on city sidewalks when there are bicycle lanes present on the street. The City of West Hollywood currently has bike lanes on Santa Monica Blvd. between Kings Road and Almont Dr., and San Vicente Blvd. between Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Blvd.

Where there is no bicycle lane present, cyclists may travel on the sidewalk in the same direction as vehicular traffic, and must yield to pedestrians. Failure to adhere to this law can result in the cyclist being fined up to $250. For more information please visit 

Who do I contact about wild animals such as a coyote?
West Hollywood contracts with Los Angeles County Animal Control. They can be reached at (310) 523-9566.