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Yolki Palki

The new sculpture exhibition Yolki Palki, by Ukranian-born artist Tanya Brodsky, is a collection of bright colored art works that evoke a children’s playground, of the kind ubiquitous during the soviet era. Located in front of the Community Center a Plummer Park, the artworks don’t quote work as playground equipment: each one is too tall, too short, missing key elements, or installed at an absurd relationship to the one next to it. The installation’s title, Yolki Palki, is a Russian nonsense phrase expressing frustration or alarm, commonly used in lieu of a curse word in the presence of children.

Yolki Palki is consistent with Brodsky’s previous work – colorful, minimalist, playful, using industrial materials and techniques, imbued with humor informed by her Soviet upbringing. Brodsky's works often incorporate architectural elements, re-imagined in ways that expose and complicate their relationship to the human body, public space, and the social conventions that govern both.

The artwork is displayed through June 2020. 

Tanya Brodsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and earned her MFA from UC San Diego in 2016, and her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

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