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Art & Democracy VI: Democracy Forum On Hong Kong

Join us to find out everything you want to know about HONG KONG: WHAT, WHY and WHERE HONG KONG WILL GO. HONG KONG'S STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY: It started with a protest against a bill proposed by the Hong Kong government to extradite potential fugitives to China if requested by China.  Due to China's opaque justice system and its 99% conviction rate, the people in Hong Kong feared that such a law will surely encroach on Hong Kong's independent judicial system.  While protest had started back in March, 2019, it was when over a million Hong Kongers marched on June 9 and over 2 million marched on June 16 that this captured the world attention. For over 3 months, the protests never subsided even as the Hong Kong Chief Executive acceded to one of the five demands by the Hong Kongers on September 4, 2019.

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