Business License Commission

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The Business License Commission was created on May 4, 1987 and consists of five (5) members, appointed by individual Councilmembers, and two (2) appointments by the Council as a whole (at-large). Each member of the Commission shall serve a two-year term commencing June 1st following a general municipal election. Members shall have a significant interest in the City such as residency, business or residential ownership, economic involvement or some other valid link to be determined by the City Council. Members shall not be officers or employees of the City.

The Business License Commission shall meet as necessary (but no more than once monthly) to consider modification and/or revocation of business licenses as prescribed in Title 5, Article 1 of the West Hollywood Municipal Code, consider and recommend to the City Council adoption of amendments to the Business License Ordinance and other ordinances and resolutions pertaining to business regulation, and other duties as directed by the City Council.  For more information, contact the Commission's Staff Liaison, Danny Rivas 323-848-6424 or the Commission's Secretary, Falyn Kingi at 323-848-6896.  Click here to view the Municipal Code Section governing the duties of the Business License Commission.

The current Business License Commissioners are:
Chair:  Robert Lo
Vice-Chair:  (Vacant)

Keith Anthony
Kimberly Copeland
Robert Kalonian
Robert Saltzman
Sepi Shyne
Sibyl Zaden