Long Range Planning Projects Subcommittee

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The Long Range Subcommittee is composed of three members of the Planning Commission.  As an advisory subcommittee, the members review draft versions of land use and sustainability policies for further refinement prior to being presented at Planning Commission.  The Subcommittee meeting provides an opportunity to receive feedback from Commissioners aimed at improving the resulting policy changes.  The Subcommittee does not vote, nor does it take any legal action.  Policies are approved, denied, or amended only at the Planning Commission meetings.

At the Long Range Subcommittee, discussion of these policies is focused on examining the long-term impacts of the policy proposals.  Members assess the policies to determine how they reflect the City’s Guiding Principles and the General Plan.

The public is welcome to attend the Long Range Subcommittee meetings, which are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month (in the City Council Closed Session Room) from 5:30-6:30pm. as needed.

Confirmation of the meeting schedule and agendas may be confirmed by contacting:
David Gillig, Planning Commission Secretary at (323) 848-6331 or via email at dgillig@weho.org 

Bryan Eck, Acting Long Range Planning Manager at (323) 848-6858 or via email at  beck@weho.org

Current Long Range Subcommittee Members:

Stacey Jones, Chair
Adam Bass
John Erickson