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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: "Does my State recognize domestic partnership registration with the City Of West Hollywood?"

A: The West Hollywood Domestic Partnership registration was created for the benefit of the City of West Hollywood residents. There are other agencies that recognize our registration program; therefore, we do register citizens who live outside of our jurisdiction. This may or may not be true for your state. You should contact the organizations directly for clarification.

Q: "If I am registered in a domestic partnership with the City of West Hollywood and move to another City, will they recognize my domestic partnership?"

A: Some of the cities with Domestic Partnership registration offer reciprocity and will recognize registration with the City of West Hollywood when couples move to their City. You should check with your local government City Hall to determine whether they offer domestic partnership registration or recognize registration with other agencies.

Q: "I want to add my partner to my insurance plan. If I register as a domestic partner will I then be able to add someone to my benefit plan?"

A: You should always contact your employer and/or insurance carrier regarding eligibility questions. The City Of West Hollywood cannot respond to any questions pertaining to your benefit eligibility.

Q: "Do we have to live together in order to register as domestic partners with the City of West Hollywood?"

A: No.

Q: "What is the difference between The City Of West Hollywood's domestic partnership registration and the State of California's Registration? Can I register with both?"

A: The City of West Hollywood's domestic partnership registration is applicable only within our City limits and there are articles contained in our municipal code that differ from the articles in the State of California's Domestic Partnership program. You do not qualify for the benefits provided by the State of California unless you register directly with them. Yes, you can register with both the City of West Hollywood and State of California.

Q: "Are there other States that have domestic partnership registration?"

A: Yes, there are other States and Municipalities that have domestic partnership registries. You should check with your employer or insurance company to see if they will accept registration with these agencies for the purpose of obtaining certain benefits.

Q: "Can I register over the phone, on the Internet or by fax?"

A: No. There are only two (2) ways to register. You can either register in person here at City Hall or you can register by mail, which requires both you and your partner having your identity and signatures verified by your local notary public.

Q: "If the relationship ends, do I have to let the City Of West Hollywood know?"

A: Yes. You must file a "Terminating Domestic Partnership" application with the City and mail a copy to your former partner at their last known address. The form is available on our website.

Q: "If my domestic partner and I marry, do we need to terminate the domestic partnership?"

A: Yes, as soon as possible.

Q: "How soon after I terminate a domestic partnership can I file for a new one?"

A: You must wait six (6) months before filing for a new domestic partnership.

Q: "If I am legally separated from a spouse or in the process of going through a divorce, can I file for domestic partnership with another individual?"

A: No. You cannot file for domestic partnership if you are already legally married. If you are divorcing, you must wait until your divorce is finalized.