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Ongoing Strategic Goals

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  • Support legislation and funding opportunities for joint use agreements between municipalities and local schools.
  • Support programs and funding strategies that will provide improvements to public schools to directly benefit and enhance students’ education, including curriculum, instructional materials, and infrastructure needs.
  • Support programs and funding for career technical education in public schools.
  • Support programs and funding for restoring and/or enhancing arts programs in public schools.

 Institutional Integrity

  • Support greater transparency in all levels of governmental institutions.
  • Support reforms and more stringent accountability for PERS as the provider of health benefits for the majority of California public employees.
  • Support the expansion of retirement benefits in PERS and other public agency retirement systems to all registered domestic partners and same-sex spouses.


  • Support legislation that will increase job opportunities within the City and throughout the state.
  • Support legislation that increases the state and federal minimum wage.
  • Support programs to provide training for job entry and career advancement that will enable City residents to enter the job market and progress to higher-paying, higher-skills jobs that lead to self-sufficiency.
  • Support legislation that assists workers in balancing home/family and work, including appropriate sick leave and paid family leave.


  • Support economic incentives and assistance to innovative in-state businesses that would utilize the materials diverted from landfills by recycling programs as an alternative to shipping them overseas where controls and uses have proven to be unreliable and unsafe.
  • Support alternatives to recycling and composting, such as development of conversion technologies which are capable of converting post-recycled residual solid waste into renewable energy, biofuels, and useful products, thus further reducing the state's dependence on landfills.
  • Support legislation requiring manufacturers to be responsible for safe disposal or re-use of their products and by-products, e.g. sharps and fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Support legislation that reduces energy consumption through investment in renewable energy technologies, i.e. net metering.
  • Support legislation aimed at encouraging the use of alternative fuels, i.e., solar, green sources of power.
  • Support legislative and administrative efforts to implement effective and innovative recycling programs.
  • Support legislative and administrative efforts to decrease emissions and reduce air pollution throughout the state.
  • Support state, county and local programs that promote and provide incentives for “green” commercial and residential development. 
  • Support legislation that provides incentives to individual homeowners for the purchase and/or installation of solar panels and other sources of environmentally-friendly energy.
  • Support efforts to rebate and/or credit individual homeowners and businesses for returning excess power back into the grid as a result of owner-generated energy conservation.
  • Support legislation that facilitates the abatement of excessive noise in the City.

Equality and Justice

  • Apply renewed efforts to encourage and support federal legislation and national ratification to add the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th to the United States Constitution.
  • Support efforts to eradicate human trafficking.
  • Support legislation locally and at the state and federal levels that assures everyone the right to equal treatment in all government-sponsored or financed benefits.
  • Support legislation to protect the civil, fair housing, and equitable employment rights of all persons.
  • Support efforts to retain same-sex marriage in California.
  • Support federal legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • Support legislation that protects reproductive rights.
  • Oppose legislation that will reduce patient confidentiality for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Health and Human Services

  • Support legislation that implements the federal Health Care Reform Act
  • Support local and state efforts that encourage use of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to protect girls and young women against the HPV virus.
  • Support legislation that promotes and protects women’s reproductive health.
    Health and Human Services
  • Support legislation and funding to provide outreach, education, prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS and related health and welfare issues, e.g. hepatitis C and needle exchange programs.
  • Support legislation that funds preventative services.
  • Support legislation to assist at-risk youth, including after-school programs.
  • Support state and federal efforts to preserve the right of terminally or chronically-ill patients to use marijuana medicinally.
  • Support policies that provide competent terminally-ill adults the ability to control their final days and ease the suffering of their own passing.
  • Support legislation and funding that enables seniors and people with disabilities to remain in their homes and that provides needed social services.
  • Support legislation that will increase state and federal funding for the care of injured and disabled veterans of all ages.
  • Support legislation that addresses the need for housing and supportive services, (e.g. health, mental health and social services) for the City’s homeless population.)
  • Support legislation, programs and policies that focus on alleviating hunger locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Support legislation that encourages policies and programming that promote healthy lifestyles; e.g. physical activity, preventative screenings, healthful eating and core wellness for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Support legislation to expand health insurance and health care to the uninsured.
  • Support legislation to increase funding of and access to community health, mental health and substance use disorder treatment services.

Public Safety

  • Support legislative, administrative, and regulatory efforts that will expand and/or supplement funding for services targeting disabled and frail seniors that enable them to live independently in their naturally-occurring residential communities (NORC) and prevent costly hospitalizations and institutionalization.
  • Monitor legislation that would affect the health and safety of the City’s residents.
  • Support enhanced strategies, legislation and funding for increased security needs (fire, police, commercial code compliance, and disaster preparedness) and coordinated recovery effects that do not supplant other City funding, services and/or operations.
  • Support legislative efforts to monitor, maintain and upgrade aging infrastructure, such as gas, water, and sewer lines.
  • Support legislation that improves safety at schools and ensures an environment that eliminates discrimination and harassment of students.
  • Support legislation to eliminate gun violence in the City.
  • Support programs to prevent domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Support legislation that mandates the testing of all rape kits.
  • Support legislation and policies that address the needs of Seniors, individuals with disabilities, and at-risk youth following a major disaster or emergency.
  • Support legislation and policies that improve animal welfare and address the needs of individuals with companion and service animals following a major disaster or emergency.


  • Support legislation that funds the expansion of rail transit to the region, advocating for the continuation of study for future rail service for West Hollywood.
  • Work with other agencies in the region in supporting current state and federal funding levels and encouraging increased funding and flexibility in both operating and capital funding for mass transit.
  • In conjunction with the Westside Cities Council of Governments (WSCOG) and other agencies, support legislation that provides incentives for the development of local transportation corridors. 
  • Support local, regional, state and federal legislative, administrative, and regulatory efforts that will expand and/or supplement funding for maintaining transportation service program funds for employee benefits, settlement of employee transit strikes or for specific Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) transportation programs.
  • Support local, regional, state and federal legislative, administrative, and regulatory efforts that will expand and/or supplement funding for maintaining and upgrading major thoroughfares in the City, allowing for better traffic flow and pedestrian safety.
  • Support state strategies that support development of transit/work housing through direct funding, tax credits and technical assistance.
  • Support increased state and federal resources to mitigate traffic congestion on City streets and rebuild and maintain roads.
  • Support legislation that enhances the safety of City streets for car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Support legislation that funds distracted driver education programs.