Primary Strategic Goals

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Fiscal Sustainability

  • Support legislation that strengthens and expands ongoing revenue for the City.
  • Oppose any legislation or initiative that would undermine voter-approved initiatives to guarantee ongoing revenue sources for local government.
  • Monitor the state’s implementation of changes in state/local fiscal relationship.
  • Oppose legislation that undermines and preempts local authority over local taxes and fees.
  • Support legislative reform that would remove unwarranted, state-imposed mandates or barriers in the execution of local government programs.
  • Support legislation to streamline the process for state reimbursement of state-imposed mandates.

Affordable Housing

  • Support legislation to increase funding for low and moderate-income/affordable housing and live/work housing.
  • Support efforts to strengthen rent control laws at the state level.
  • Support legislation to eliminate, or weaken, the Ellis Act.
  • Support legislation that amends the Ellis Act to better protect renters’ rights in the event of an Ellis eviction.
  • Support legislation that would authorize cities to increase relocation benefits for those who are displaced under the Ellis Act. 
  • Support legislation that expands the supply of affordable housing by adopting reforms that reduce barriers to improved planning and increases the financial resources available.
  • Support legislation to encourage developers to provide affordable housing in their developments.
  • Support legislation to enact a state Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
  • Monitor legislation addressing Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy.
  • Support legislation to enable elderly and disabled individuals to remain in their rental unit homes.
  • Support measures that increase funding for affordable senior housing and assisted living facilities.
  • Support increases in state funding for enhancement and expansion of residential code enforcement and other programs that will preserve the quality of the existing housing stock.
  • Support legislation that encourages a diverse housing stock to address the needs of all socioeconomic segments of the community.
  • Oppose legislation that would preempt local government’s ability to regulate condominium conversions.
  • Oppose legislation that would prohibit inclusionary housing/zoning unless government subsidies were available for the affordable units.

Urban Balance

  • Support legislation that provides protection for individual homeowners while allowing local government to utilize the right of eminent domain in an appropriate and fair manner.
  • Support legislative and administrative efforts to maintain the integrity of local government’s control over land use.
  • Oppose legislation that preempts local government’s ability to incidentally regulate and exercise its enforcement powers.
  • Oppose legislation and regulations that preempt local governments’ land use authority.
    Urban Balance
  • Support “Smart Growth” initiatives that provide incentives to local governments that promote balanced growth.

City Parks, Library & Green Space

  • Support passage of additional bonds for urban parks and green space.
  • Identify and pursue potential funding sources for City projects, services and infrastructure needs, including libraries, parks and recreational facilities.
  • Support efforts to increase state resources for local arts, cultural events and library programs, including performing and visual arts programs.
  • Support legislation aimed at developing infrastructure for local performing art centers and recreational facilities.