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Contesting a Vehicle Impound

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Notice of Stored Vehicle
When your vehicle gets towed, Parking Enforcement will issue a Notice of Stored Vehicle to the registered owner. If you dispute that the officer who towed your car had reasonable cause to do so, you may request a hearing within 10 days after the date the Notice of Stored Vehicle was deposited in the U.S. Mail.

At the hearing, the sole issue before the hearing examiner will be whether the impounding officer had reasonable cause to tow the vehicle.

Contact the West Hollywood Parking Enforcement Office
To request a hearing to contest the impound of your vehicle, contact the West Hollywood Parking Enforcement Office at (323) 650-6757.


8235 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 320
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Setting a Date for the Hearing
If the vehicle remains impounded when you request the hearing, you have the right to a hearing within 48 hours from the time you make the request. Unfortunately, you cannot request a particular time for the hearing within those 48 hours. The time is determined based upon the availability of a hearing examiner, a conference room, and the officer who impounded your vehicle (if you invoke the right to have the officer appear at your hearing). Staff employed by the Parking Enforcement will contact you with the time and date for the hearing.

If you have already retrieved the vehicle, a hearing will be set for a time and date not later than 30 days from the date you request the hearing. You may inform parking enforcement staff of a preference for a morning or afternoon hearing and any preferred days of the week you would like the hearing scheduled. The Legal Services Division will try to accommodate your request. You will receive notice of the time and date of the hearing in the mail to the address you provide to parking enforcement staff.