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Welcome to the West Hollywood Film Office website. The City of West Hollywood is a film-friendly city by City Council decree. The links below will guide you through our permitting process and provide you with important information about filming in the City of West Hollywood.

If you have any inquiries about filming in West Hollywood, please email our Film Coordinator, Eddie Robinson, or call (323) 848-6489.


All filming in the City of West Hollywood typically requires a permit from the Film Office, whether on public or private property. This section also includes information regarding our insurance requirements, jurisdiction, parking lots for basecamp activity, our notification and signature requirements, and filming policies.
Film Fees
Our most current fee schedule for motion picture and still photography, as approved by West Hollywood City Council. Our fee schedule also includes our low-impact program for casts and crews of 15 or less all on private property. Reduced fees may also apply for additional low-impact public property use.
Student Productions
The Film Office may waive fees for student productions. Student productions must be of low-impact to the surrounding area, and must also satisfy the requirements at this link in order to qualify for this waiver. Click here for more information.
Law Enforcement and Fire Safety
Deputies may be assigned for safety based on the application received for analysis. The Los Angeles County Fire Film Unit may also assign a Fire Safety Officer of Advisor based on their analysis. Click the link above for more information.
General Downloads
Click here for downloadable PDF versions of all the forms for the City of West Hollywood Film Office, including our application, Certificate of Insurance, street address list, parking information, signature form, filming policies and more.
Film Ordinance
Select this link for the City of West Hollywood Municipal Code section related to filming in the City of West Hollywood, the “Motion Picture, Television, Radio and Photographic Production Ordinance.” This section defines filming in the City of West Hollywood and also further details the role of the Film Office.
Here you’ll find links to location resources and contacts for many of our popular and iconic locations, as well as other helpful materials, including information about the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for filming as detailed by the California Film Commission.