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WeHo Smart City Public Safety Cameras

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WeHo Smart City Public Safety Pilots connect cameras and security technology owned by residents, businesses, and the city to create a safer, more unified community.  Through community partnerships with residents and businesses, pilot programs are being implemented to test innovative public safety technologies that are intended to create an environment of safety through preventative and proactive measures.  The initiative is comprised of three pilot program components discussed below. 

For more information on these pilot programs, contact the City's Innovation Analyst, Kate Kigongo, at 


Ring Camera Discount Program

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The City of West Hollywood has partnered with Ring to provide residents a $100 instant rebate towards the ownership of one of their advanced home security camera products.  The City is holding an event on January 24, 2019, to distribute a limited number of Ring devices to residents living in an Eastside Neighborhood Watch Group area:  

  • SoFo
  • E-WeHo
  • Plummer Park
  • Sierra Bonita
  • Ogden Owls
  • Lexington Area
  • Orange Grove

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • Proof of residency with government issued ID
  • Authorization of property owner
  • One rebate per address
  • Subscribe to a Ring Video Recording Plan

Rebate will be available to the first 200 qualifying residents.

Additional information about the Ring Camera Discount Program, and eligibility can be found here.

Local Business Video Sharing Program

The City of West Hollywood is partnering with local businesses and the LA County Sheriff’s Department to create a network of public and private security cameras. Businesses agree in advance to share footage with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. If an incident occurs nearby, the network can help speed up investigations.

If your business already has security cameras in place, put them to use protecting the community. In the future, when you sign a sharing agreement, your cameras connect your business and protect your customers.  

Additional information about the Local Business Video Sharing Program is coming soon.

City Security Camera Pilot

The City has installed a pilot project of advanced high definition security cameras at five of its busiest intersections along Santa Monica Boulevard.  The cameras will not only provide a public safety benefit, but also enable the collection of valuable traffic and pedestrian data.  Through a collaboration of the City's Innovation and Public Safety divisions, the LA County Sheriff's Department, and our technology partners, the security camera pilot will test the latest sophisticated technology and determine the most suitable long term solution for its public safety needs.