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Street Sweeping Tips

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The following are good housekeeping practices that will ensure effective and thorough street sweeping operations:

  1. Do not park during restrictive hours. Besides receiving a fine, a parked car prevents the street from getting swept for a distance that is at least three times the length of the car. Street sweepers are not designed to operate in reverse so they cannot sweep up to the parked car and then reverse and drive around it. To get around the parked car, the sweeper must leave the curb many feet before actually passing the parked vehicle.

  2. Do not sweep or deposit leaves and yard trimmings in the street. The sweeper is not designed to pick up piles of landscape debris.

  3. Remove large items by hand. The sweeper is not capable of picking up large items such as flattened cardboard boxes, magazines, branches, or fast food bags stuffed with cups and wrappers. These items should be picked up by hand and deposited in the trash can.

  4. Be a good neighbor. If you see that your neighbor has forgotten to move their car on street sweeping day, or if there is a delivery truck or moving van parked during restrictive hours, remind that person to remove their vehicle as soon as possible. Should the sweeper approach while they are parked, it will result in that portion of the street not getting swept. The tightness of the street sweeping schedule rarely allows for a second pass down the same street.

While many cities restrict parking for three hours for street sweeping purposes, West Hollywood only allows two hours in order to lessen the inconvenience to residents. By performing these good housekeeping practices, residents and businesses benefit by cleaner streets.