Parking Services

Parking Services

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The Parking Division is responsible for the City's public parking facilities, parking enforcement, parking permits, parking meters, bike racks and Bike Share, signage special event parking. We work closely with all divisions and are happy to get you to the appropriate party if what you're looking for is not within our immediate oversight. 



Overnight parking for West Hollywood residents will be available in the Kings Road Structure, Spaulding Lot, and La Jolla Lot (subject to availability) beginning March 1, 2019. For more information visit our Permit Page or call (323) 848-2067.


In an effort to ease rush-hour traffic, Parking Enforcement will refocus resources on the enforcement of anti-gridlock zones. Under the Anti-gridlock Act of 1987, CVC 22526(a) prohibits drivers from entering an intersection, even during a green light, if there is not enough room to completely pass through, preventing interference with through traffic and pedestrian crossing. Vehicles documented blocking crosswalks or stopped in an intersection are subject to a parking citation of $118. This rule also applies to vehicles making turns. 

Contact us by email or visit us in person at 8300 Santa Monica Blvd 90069 during regular business hours for permit and general questions. Parking enforcement questions should be addressed to (323) 650-6757. Call the Citation Hotline at (800) 687-2458 regarding questions about a specific parking citation.