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Low Income Payment Plan 

Per CVC 40220, low-income payment plans are available to those who submit an application and supporting documentation. Eligibility is based on monthly income that is 125% or less of the current poverty guidelines, per U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and/or receive public assistance benefits. 

Please download and review the Low-Income Payment Plan Guidelines and Application to review the specific criteria. Applications must be received within 60 calendar days from issuance of a notice of parking violation, or 10 days after the administrative hearing determination, whichever is later. If approved, there is a $5 enrollment fee. Applicants currently on California DMV registration hold may apply, one-time only, and are subject to a $5 late fee, in addition to the enrollment fee. 

 For more information, please contact the Parking Violations Bureau, West Hollywood Division, at (800) 687-2458.