Commercial Parking Permits and Fees

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C Parking Permits

Commercial-type "C" parking permits are no longer sold to new businesses. Existing type C permit holders may retrieve new rate information by emailing the Permit Counter. New businesses must abide by the City's Business Parking Requirements. Questions about business requirements should be directed at Jackie Rocco, Business Development Manager, or by emailing  

M and E Parking Permits

Type "M" permits are only valid in designated spaces on the west side of San Vincente Blvd between Melrose Ave and Beverly Blvd. 

"E" Permits allow employees to park in designated metered spaces in the evening hours between 6pm and 3am. E-Permits are limited to non-residents employed by a valid business within the boundaries of La Cienega Blvd to Doheny Dr and Santa Monica Blvd and Beverly Blvd. Applicants must apply in person and provide a current pay stub as evidence of employment. 

Permit Fees

 Effective Period* Cost**
 Quarter 1
   M-Permit E-Permit*** 
 January-March  $135  $90
 February-March  $90  $60 
 March  $45  $30
 Quarter 2
   M-Permit E-Permit 
 April-June  $135  $90
 May-June  $90  $60
 June  $45  $30
 Quarter 3
   M-Permit E-Permit 
 July-September  $135  $90
 August-September  $90  $60
 September  $45  $30
 Quarter 4
   M-Permit E-Permit 
 October-December  $135  $90
 November-December  $90  $60
 December  $45  $30

*Permits are only sold in quarters. **Permits are not prorated by week. ***E-Permits are available for 1 month at a rate of $30. Program availability is dependent on available resources. Parking availability is not guaranteed. Lack of parking is not justification for violation of local or state regulations. 


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