Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: "Who decides what areas become permit parking?"

A: Preferential Parking Districts are initiated at the request of residents who petition the City. If the petition represents a majority (51%) of the residential dwelling units on a street, a study of parking demand in the neighborhood is done. The results of the study are presented at Public Hearings before the Transportation Commission and the City Council, who ultimately approve the boundaries of the district.

Q: "Who decides what the parking regulations will be?"

A: The parking regulations eventually adopted are the result of input from studies and public hearings held before the Transportation Commission and the City Council.

Q: "How do I request permit parking for my area?"

A: Persons interested in having permit parking in their area are required to submit a petition representing a majority of the dwelling units for the area being proposed. A petition packet containing information necessary to proceed with implementation may be obtained from the Department of Transportation and Public Works at City Hall (323) 848-6375. Call for more information.

Q: "Does everyone need a parking permit?"

A: Yes, unless exempted by City ordinance. In order to park on residential streets posted with permit parking regulations, you must have a Residential, Commercial, Visitor, or Guest permit. However, if you have off-street parking available you are not required to purchase a permit.

Vehicles that are used for the purpose of repair, delivery, utility, refuse, health commodities, life-support or emergency and are identified as such are exempt and do not need permits.

Q: "How do I obtain a parking permit?"

A: You must live within the boundaries of a permit parking district.  In order to obtain any type of parking permit you must provide Proof of Residency and Photo Identification.  All first time applicants must provide copies of the following documents (Printed hard copies must be provided): 

  1. Proof of Residence (one of the following): Documents such a Lease, Rental Agreement, Property Tax Bill, Escrow Closing Documents, Credit Card or Bank Statement (mailed to the residence within the last 30 days), or current Utility Bill indicating the account’s service address within the boundary of the parking district.
  2. Valid Picture I.D (one of the following):
  3. Driver’s License, California ID or Passport
  4. Current California Vehicle Registration:

Vehicle registration must be under the resident’s name.

Separate registration is required for each vehicle.

Vehicle title or insurance ID card is not acceptable.


Q: "Does my permit exempt me from street sweeping restrictions?"

A: No. Other parking restrictions indicated by signs or curb markings are not exempted by permits. Permit parking restrictions are also enforced on holidays.

Q: "Can I use my permit throughout the city?"

A: No. Permits are non-transferable between parking districts. For example, a District 5 parking permit is only valid within the District 5 boundaries.

Q: "Do I need a permit if I have a disabled persons placard issued by the DMV?"

A: No. Persons displaying a valid disabled placard are exempt from permit parking restrictions. However, they are not exempt from other parking restrictions indicated by signs or curb markings.

Q: "Where should my guests park?"

A: Residents may purchase up to two annual guest permits per dwelling unit. Residents may also obtain one day visitor permits at no cost, to accommodate guests for a party or special event. Visitor parking permits can be issued up to 5 days in advance. Visitor permits are valid from the day of your event until 12 noon on the following day.

Q: "What should my guests know when visiting during hours in which permit parking regulations are enforced?"

A: Guests should use their emergency flashers while retrieving a guest permit from their host. Guest and Visitor permits must be displayed from the rearview mirror to be valid. It a ticket is issued while in the process of retrieving a permit, the citation can be dismissed if called within thirty minutes to the West Hollywood Parking Enforcement Office, located at 8235 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 320 at (323) 650-6757.

Q: "How much does a parking permit cost?"

A: The cost for Residential Parking Permits is $22 for the first and $30 for the second. To obtain a residential permit your vehicle must be registered in the State of California.

Guest permits are $33 each (limit 2 per address).

Residential and Guest Parking Permits are renewed annually.

The fees for replacement of lost or stolen guest permits are: $45 - first replacement; $70 - second replacement; $110 - third replacement.

Q: "What are permit fees used for?"

A: The City's permit parking program is funded exclusively by permit fees collected. Fees go to cover the cost of staffing, supplies, materials, postage and signage.

Q: "I have two cars. Can I get two permits?"

A: Permits are issued one per license driver, per household. If you have multiple vehicles and the same number of licensed drivers in residence, each licensed driver may qualify upon proof of residency.

Q: "Can my permit be revoked?"

A: Yes. If you falsify any information on the West Hollywood application form or submit false documents in order to obtain a permit, or if you allow someone else to use or display a parking permit.

Q: "Where can I get a permit?"

A: Parking permits are available at the Permit Parking Office located on the first floor of City Hall 8300 Santa Monica Blvd. You may reach the Permit Parking Office at (323) 848-6392 or the 24hr Parking Permit Information Line (323) 848-6340.

Permit Parking Office Hours

8:00 am to 6:00 pm - Monday through Thursday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Fridays

In addition to City Hall, one-day visitor permits may be obtained from the office located inside the Kings Road Parking Structure and West Hollywood Sheriff Station during the following hours:

Kings Road Parking Structure located at 8383 Santa Monica Boulevard

6:00 am to Midnight - Monday through Wednesday
6:00 am to 2:30 am - Thursday through Friday
8:00 am to 2:30 am - Saturday and Sunday

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station located at 780 N. San Vicente Boulevard

6:00 pm to 8:00 am – Monday through Thursday
5pm to Midnight – Friday
All Day – Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Q: "What else should I know?"

A: Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee or reserve an on-street parking space within the permit parking district. All on-street parking spaces will be available to permit holders on a first-come basis. Parking permits shall not be issued to any person who has outstanding parking tickets.

The Residential Permit must be affixed to the front left windshield of the vehicle to be valid.