Residential Permits and Fees

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Residential Permits

Vehicle must be registered in California and cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

Resident permits are non-transferable between vehicles and parking districts. If a permit’s associated vehicle requires updating, please return the permit to City Hall and it will be replaced at no cost. Failure to bring the permit at the time of exchange will result in being charged the subsequent permit tier rate. Damaged permits are acceptable for the zero fee at time of exchange.


$22.00 for one (1)
$52.00 for two (2)
$104.00 for three (3)
$179.00 for four (4)

Guest Permits

Limited to 2 per address


$33.00 for one (1)
$66.00 fortwo (2)

If lost the fees for replacement of lost or stolen guest permits are:

$45.00 (First replacement)
$70.00 (Second replacement)
$110.00 (Third replacement)

One-Day Visitor Permits

One-Day Visitor Permits are free and can accommodate guests for a party or special event. A maximum of 25 visitor permits is allowed per day, a maximum of 100 visitor permits is allowed per month.

Visitor parking permits can be issued up to 5 days in advance and are not to exceed a total of 15 calendar days per month. Visitor permits are valid from the day of your event until 12 noon on the following day.

In addition to City Hall and the Sheriff Station, one-day visitor permits may be obtained from the office located inside the Kings Road Parking Structure at 8383 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Please note that a maximum of 10 one-day permits can be issued for the same day at the Sheriff’s Station.

Permits are non-transferable between parking districts.