Parking Services

What is required to obtain parking permits?

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In order to obtain any type of parking permit you must provide Proof of Residency and Photo Identification.  All first time applicants must provide copies of the following documents (Printed hard copies must be provided):

  1. Proof of Residence (one of the following): Documents such a Lease, Rental Agreement, Property Tax Bill, Escrow Closing Documents, Credit Card or Bank Statement (mailed to the residence within the last 30 days), or current Utility Bill indicating the account’s service address within the boundary of the parking district.
  2. Valid Picture I.D (one of the following):
  3. Driver’s License, California ID or Passport
  4. Current California Vehicle Registration:

Vehicle registration must be under the resident’s name.

Separate registration is required for each vehicle.

Vehicle title or insurance ID card is not acceptable.