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Accounts Payable Processing

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Since, the City's purchasing function is accomplished at the staff level, the City's accounts payable process starts at the staff level. Invoices should be sent to the staff member that authorized the transaction.

Where Do I Send the Invoice?

Send your invoice to the City department receiving the good or service. Include the Purchase Order or Contract number on the invoice. This will help match the invoice to the correct order.

What Does the User Department Have to Do?

The City must verify that the order was received complete and in good condition. The invoice is matched with the original order and any receiving document so the City can determine that what was delivered is what was ordered. Any discrepancies between the purchase order and the invoice must be resolved before payment will be made. Then, the staff member enters invoice information in to the system and then approves payment if everything is in order. A form requesting payment is then sent to Accounts Payable for processing.

What Happens Before the Check is Written?

Accounts Payable reviews the invoice and payment request and verifies that any required contracts and insurance remains in effect. The payment request is listed on the next City Council meeting's demand register. (Note the City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month.)
Checks are only mailed after the City Council approval. All discrepancies between the purchase order, contract and the invoice must be resolved before payment will be made.

What If I Have Questions about an Invoice?

Contact the City Staff member to whom you mailed the invoice. Have the purchase order number or other identifying City transaction number handy.

What Can I Do to Help the Payment Process Proceed More Quickly?

If you observe the following tips, things should go smoothly:

  • Clearly state the vendor name, and remittance on the invoice.
  • Clearly display the Invoice numbers on each separate invoice.
  • Indicate the name of the contact/order person on each invoices.
  • Include the correct Purchase Order number or Contract number, if
  • Send the invoice to the correct City address. Pay close attention to the Purchase Order or Contract Number Submit individual invoices for payment.
  • The City does not pay from vendor statements. Please send copies of all past due invoices with statements.
  • The City is NOT exempt from payment of California or Municipal Sales and Use Tax, unless staff has indicated the items purchased are for resale.

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