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West Hollywood Successor Agency

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Financial Information Regarding the Successor Agency and Winding Down the West Hollywood Community Development Commission

On September 19, 2011, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 11-4219, electing for the City to serve as the Successor Agency for the West Hollywood Community Development Commission upon the Agency's dissolution. The assets of the West Hollywood Community Development Commission transferred to the Successor Agency by law on February 1, 2012.

Resolution SA12-001, approved February 21, 2012, establishes the Successor Agency as a new legal public entity -- separate from the City. This Resolution further provides that the Successor Agency will be governed by a Board of Directors, which shall consist of the members of the City Council, that the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore will serve as Chair and Vice Chair of the of the Board, and provides for regular meetings of the Board (to occur after the regular meetings of the City Council). The Resolution designates the City Manager as Executive Director, the City Clerk as Secretary, and the City Finance Director as the Finance Officer of the Successor Agency.

The Successor Agency has the authority to perform the functions and duties, including but not limited to making payments and performing obligations required by enforceable obligations and expeditiously winding down the affairs of the Agency. The Successor Agency also may exercise any other powers provided by statute or granted by law,

The Oversight Board for each Successor Agency to a former redevelopment agency is comprised of seven members according to Health and Safety Code Section 34179. One of the seven members is selections made by the mayor of the City that formed the redevelopment agency; another is a selection made by the mayor representing the employees of the former redevelopment agency. The remaining members are selected by special districts, Los Angeles County, Community College districts with property tax share interests. Oversight Board members shall serve without compensation or reimbursement for expenses. The Successor Agency pays for all of the costs of meetings of the Oversight Board and may include such costs in its administrative budget. The City Council appointed Paul Arevalo, City Manager and Yvonne Quarker, Assistant City Clerk to the Oversight Board.

All assets and monies held by or under the control of the Successor Agency shall be maintained in funds and accounts established by the Successor Agency and shall be kept separate and apart from the funds and accounts of the City. The Successor Agency also will prepare proposed administrative budgets and submit them to the Oversight Board for its approval, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34177.

Successor Agency Reports

 Time Period  ROPS  Administrative Budget State Determination Letters Adopting Resolutions  Senate Bill 341 Report
 January – June 2012



ROPS 1 Letter ROPS 1 Resolutions
 July – December 2012



ROPS 2 Letter ROPS 2 Resolutions  
 January – June 2013

 ROPS 3   


ROPS 3 Letters ROPS 3 Resolutions  
July - December 2013

ROPS 13-14 A 

ADMIN 13-14 A

ROPS 13-14 A Letter ROPS 13-14 A Resolutions
January - June 2014

ROPS 13-14 B

ADMIN 13-14 B

ROPS 13-14 B Letter
ROPS 13-14 B Resolutions  FY 2013-2014 Senate Bill 341 Annual Report
July - December 2014

ROPS 14-15 A

ADMIN 14-15

ROPS 14-15A Letter ROPS 14-15 A Resolutions

January - June 2015

ROPS 14-15 B


ROPS 14-15 B Letter ROPS 14-15B Resolutions FY2014-2015 SB 341 Annual Report
July - December 2015 ROPS 15-16 A  ADMIN 15-16 ROPS 15-16 A Letter  ROPS 15-16A Resolutions   
January-June 2016  ROPS 15-16 B


ROPS 15-16 B Letter  ROPS 15-16B Resolutions  FY2015-2016 SB 341 Annual Report
July 2016-June 2017  ROPS 16-17 ADMIN 16-17  ROPS 16-17 Letter  ROPS 16-17 Resolution   
July 2017-June 2018 ROPS 17-18  ADMIN 17-18  ROPS 17-18 Lette ROPS 17-18 Resolution  FY2016-17 SB 341 Annual Report 
July 2018-June 2019          FY2017-18 SB 341 Annual Report 
 July 2019-June 2020         FY2018-2019-SB 341 Annual Report 


Other Reports
 Document Name  Document  Adopting Resolutions State Determination Letter
 Community Development Commission Close-out Audit (1.31.12)



 Housing Assets Report


HSG RPT Resolutions

HSG RPT Letter
 Housing Fund Due Diligence Report


HSG DDR Resolutions

HSG DDR Letters
Non-Housing Funds Due Diligence Report


NON-HSG DDR Resolutions

Long Range Property Management Plan LRPMP         LRPMP Resolutions LRPMP Letter
Refinancing – 2003 Bonds Refinancing Documents        Refinancing Resolutions Refinancing DOF Letter
Revised Long Range Property Management  Revised LRPMP  Revised LRPMP Letter Revised LRPMP Resolution
Housing Bond Transfer Housing Bond Transfer Agreement  Housing Bond Transfer Resolution  Housing Bond Transfer Letter 


Successor Agency and Oversight Board Notices