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Aging in place is the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently
and comfortably for as long as possible, regardless of age, income or ability level.

The goal of the City of West Hollywood Aging in Place/Aging in Community five-year strategic plan is supporting the quality of life, health, and well-being of older adults.

The vision for the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is to help the City of West Hollywood evolve as a community where aging is embraced, and people can enjoy the community for as long as possible. The Strategic Plan builds on the City’s existing policies and programs, such as arts and cultural events, lifespan-friendly housing, social services, and other approaches to wellness, while responding to the demographic trend of people living longer.

The Plan supports individuals’ independence and safety to live at home in a community they know and where they are comfortable. This approach offers many benefits to adults as they live longer lives, including a stable sense of connection to the community which is central to successful aging.

This vision will be achieved through a combination of:

  • Activities that occur organically within the West Hollywood community involving neighbors, family, friends and other circles of support. Public funds and programs alone will never be able to address all the identified needs.
  • Policies and programs established by the City that guide and direct successful aging in place and engage the community in the decision‐making process.
  • Supports that are provided by other organizations, such as nonprofits, businesses, religious institutions, clubs, and other government organizations.

The strategies in the plan are based on the “eight domains of livability,” which are the essential features of age-friendly adapted from the World Health Organization standards that also correspond to the AARP livability program. Thus, the plan is part of an international model, which may be useful for the AARP or other government agencies to assess when reviewing regional or national progress towards successful aging policies and practices that improve the health and welfare of older adults.

The City is investing in robust annual evaluation of the implementation of the Strategic Plan to measure culture shift in the community and institutional change within the City. Read more about the evaluation results to date: 

AIP / AIC - Year 1 Evaluation Report
AIP / AIC - Year 2 Evaluation Report 

This five year plan is significant, not only for the outcomes that will result for West Hollywood residents and community members, but also in how it contributes to the conversations happening across municipalities in Southern California and the nation. 

Contact information: 

Corri Planck, Strategic Initiatives Manager or 323-848-6430

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