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  • Seismic Retrofit

    • Are condominium type buildings subject to the Ordinance?

    • Can rent stabilized property owners pass a portion of costs to tenants?

    • Does being included in the survey of properties subject to the ordinance mean that my building is hazardous or vulnerable?

    • How do I know if my building is included in the program?

    • How much does a Soft Story Retrofit cost?

    • My address is included in the building survey, how long do I have to complete my retrofit?

    • Once I receive notification from the City that my building is included in the Seismic Retrofit Program, what are the next steps?

    • What are the benefits of performing a seismic retrofit?

    • What buildings are a part of this program?

    • What can I do if I believe that my building is not subject to the ordinance or has had a previous retrofit?

    • What is the purpose of the West Hollywood Mandatory Seismic Retrofit Program?

    • When do the ordinances become effective?

    • Who can complete a structural evaluation and analysis for me?