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West Hollywood West Neighborhood Overlay District & Design Guidelines

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The West Hollywood West Design Guidelines and Overlay District were adopted by the City Council in 2014 through collaboration between members of the community, urban design professionals, and the City of West Hollywood staff to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide clear guidance for residential design
  • Manage change within the West Hollywood West Neighborhood
  • Protect desirable qualities and characters of the neighborhood valued by current residents and property owners
  • Allow flexibility for creative design solutions

How we got here

The City conducted outreach to the neighborhoods and working group in 2013-14 to develop new standards and guidelines that would result in development that was more appropriate for the neighborhood. The community participated in the following ways:

  • Three community meetings
  • National Night Out Pop-Ups
  • Eight working group meetings
  • Walking tour
  • Interactive website

Plan Components 

The West Hollywood West Design Guidelines, and the creation of a corresponding Neighborhood Overlay District, were developed to address the following key objectives:

  • Massing: Require and encourage variation in size and shape of buildings
  • Scale: Require and encourage buildings that complement with the surrounding neighborhood
  • Privacy: Require and encourage design solutions that address privacy concerns
  • Quality of Materials and Design: Encourage use of enduring and sustainable materials, and properties showing clear design concepts
  • Variation of Materials and Design: Encourage design solutions that contribute to the eclectic character of the Neighborhood

This process concluded with the development of the following documents:

  1. Neighborhood Overlay Zone: provides standards for development and land uses where important neighborhood characteristics require particular attention in project planning. The Neighborhood Overlay District standards must be followed in addition to the standards and regulations of primary zoning districts.
  2. Design Guidelines: provides recommendations to promote development that meets design expectations for maintaining the character of the neighborhood. Guidelines are more flexible, as all criteria may not be appropriate for each project.

2019 Update

This update was anticipated when the zoning overlay and design guidelines were first adopted in 2014.  In the several years since, the new rules have been tested on new projects; this current process is intended to evaluate their performance for possible adjustment if necessary.

The neighborhood overlay zone and design guidelines have helped manage the scale of new projects going up in the West Hollywood West neighborhood. While the guidelines have had a positive impact on new projects going up in the neighborhood, the City is making minor tweaks to the documents based on some feedback received from the community since their adoption in 2014.

  • Community Meeting 1 - June 13, 2019. The City hosted a community meeting on June 13, 2019 to re-visit what residents would like to see in for the future of their neighborhood