The Long Range Planning (LRP) Division is part of the Planning & Development Services Department, which also includes Building & Safety and Current Planning and Historic Preservation. The LRP Division was created to link land use for smarter decision-making to support a vibrant, livable West Hollywood. The Long Range Planning Division works to guide West Hollywood’s evolution, balancing the needs of today with the goals for the future, as outlined in the City’s General Plan 2035.

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The LRP Division works with the community to develop solutions and policies that improve the quality of life, guide future development, and balance the needs of people who walk, bike, take transit, and drive in our city.

LRP oversees a diverse group of projects, which while varied, typically within one of the following categories:

  • Strategic plans and studies to address development patterns, infrastructure improvements, economic development, mobility, and community building.
  • Updates to the Zoning Ordinance to improve the planning process and development standards.
  • Community programs and events (e.g. Bike to Work Day, Neighborhood Traffic Calming, Green Building) that seek to improve the quality of life both today and in the future in West Hollywood.
  • Development Project Review to assure that incoming projects respond to the goals and policies of the General Plan 2035, Climate Action Plan, and other adopted City plans.

Below are helpful links to Long Range Planning work efforts: