Frequently Asked Questions

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I have concerns about traffic in my neighborhood. How can the City help?

In densely populated areas like West Hollywood, traffic is an ongoing issue that does not have any one solution. Given its central location between Beverly Hills and the City of Los Angeles, West Hollywood experiences high rates of pass-through traffic. Nearly 75% of West Hollywood’s working residents drive alone to work, placing additional demands on our streets. The City is also home to entertainment districts that draw visitors from all over the world.

While car congestion cannot be completely eliminated, the City has developed measures to reduce some of the most serious impacts of heavy car use. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program establishes a process by which the community and the City work together on traffic-calming efforts in residential areas. Those can include education, enforcement or engineering measures. You can tell us about the problem by contacting Walter Davis, Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Specialist. The division will prioritize projects whose conditions meet the criteria for a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

I would like to commute by bike and/or transit. What are my best options?

Transit riders can see substantial savings in fuel and parking costs. To plan your trip, please consult Metro’s Trip Planner or Google Transit. To find the best bicycle route for your trip, please consult the Metro Bike Map [PDF]. You may also qualify for tax incentives or cash benefits from your employer by commuting to work by bike or transit. For more information, visit

I am interested in carpooling or vanpooling. Where can I find a rideshare from West Hollywood?

RideMatching is a resource that matches up commuters by location, destination and schedule.

I am driving to West Hollywood. Where are the public parking lots located?

The City operates 13 parking lots and structures. Since many residential streets are permit-only, please consult the our map of public lots if you are planning on driving to West Hollywood.

How do I obtain a valet parking license?

The Long Range and Mobility Planning Division makes the final determination for Valet Licenses and encroachment permits for valet loading, through the following process: 

A valet operator completes a Valet License application for a specific business. The application can be obtained at the Public Works counter from the Code Compliance Division on the second floor of City Hall at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard. The application includes a questionnaire requesting the following information:

  • the type and size of business the valet serves 
  • number of valet employees 
  • travel mode of valet employees 
  • number of anticipated vehicles 
  • on-site and/or off-site available parking for the business
  • valet route, and 
  • owner's affidavit from property owner of location where vehicles are parked.

The License fee is $300, with a $200 annual renewal fee. Various sign-offs and review of the application from different divisions are required. If required, the nighttime valet encroachment permit cost is $75 per meter per month, except on Sunset Boulevard, where it is $200 per meter per month. The daytime valet encroachment permit cost is $240 per meter per month. The business owner must sign the encroachment permit. A minimum of two metered spaces are required for loading. The issuance of encroachment permits for valet loading is determined on a case by case basis. 

After the application is approved and license issued, the City will install the valet loading signs (if applicable).

If you have any additional questions about the valet licensing process, please contact Walter Davis.