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Did you know that: 

  • Nearly two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions in West Hollywood in 2008 came from cars and other motor vehicles. bike pit stop
  • According to the 2000 U.S. Census, almost 75% of West Hollywood’s working residents drove alone to work. Carpooling, walking, biking and taking the bus each comprised less than 10% of worker travel modes. 
  • Almost half of trips within West Hollywood are two miles or less, with 90% of people using their car. Of the 28% of trips that are one mile or less, 67% of them are made by car. 
  • West Hollywood was recently rated the most walkable city in California, with most errands able to be accomplished on foot. 
  • The City is served by 19 bus lines that meet a wide range of needs and abilities. West Hollywood also operates its own CityLine shuttle that provides access to many local destinations at little or no cost. CityLine carries approximately 5000-6000 passengers per month. 
  • West Hollywood plans to add more than 11 miles of bicycle lanes and routes to its existing network over the next five years. street view
  • The average cost of building one structured parking space in the Los Angeles area is $16,842. 
  •  On average, biking or walking saves nearly $4 per trip in urban areas during peak hours

West Hollywood has made sustainability measures a priority in its future development plans, which will include land use decisions that result in fewer car trips and lower greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, see the Land Use and Mobility elements in the West Hollywood General Plan 2035 and the West Hollywood Climate Action Plan [CAP].  

Additional resources:

Biking in West Hollywood
The City’s Bicycle Task Force, composed of residents, business owners, cycling and transit experts and City staff, will present its recommendations to the City Council in December 2011. The recommendations will build upon West Hollywood’s existing Bike/Ped Mobility Plan (Oct. 2003). For more information about the Bicycle Task Force, please contact Michael Barney. Bikes and cars

Bicycles are generally subject to the same rules of the road as other vehicles. The City of West Hollywood encourages safe and responsible cycling. To learn more about the rules for biking in West Hollywood, please visit Chapter 10.04.030, Section 15.53 of the West Hollywood Municipal Code. The ordinance stipulates that bicycling on sidewalks is permitted where there is no designated bicycle lane in the adjoining street.

Walking in West Hollywood
The Parks Route Walking Path is a project of the City's Well West Hollywood program to improve health and well being through physical activity, better nutrition, and sound public policy. For more information and a walking route map, please click here.

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West Hollywood has been recognized for its efforts to improve mobility in and around the City, and is committed to working with partner organizations to advance this goal: