Off-Site Advertising Signage on The Sunset Strip

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Globally recognized for the vibrant combination of entertainment, nightlife and billboards, the Sunset Strip is one of the world’s premier sites for outdoor advertising.  With a long tradition of innovative and memorable signage, the Strip is the most exciting venue for billboards and tall-walls on the west coast. In the 1960s and ‘70s recording artists launched their albums with custom-painted billboards on the Sunset Strip. With the 21st century, the technology of large scale advertising continues to evolve, from painted murals, to vinyl printouts that can wrap a building wall, to digital displays.  

The City of West Hollywood is the custodian of the billboard legacy on the Strip, tasked with ensuring that the vibrancy stays contemporary, while honoring the traditions and character of West Hollywood’s portion of iconic Sunset Boulevard. The City is now completing a comprehensive process to address the future of billboards on the Sunset Strip.


The Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Signage Study

This policy update guides the future of off-site advertising signs on the Strip, establishing guidelines to set an appropriate quantity of new signs, ensure creativity, improve aesthetics, and accommodate new technology.  This project amends the Sunset Specific Plan and modifies the Zoning Ordinance. On April 1, 2019 the West Hollywood City Council adopted an update to the off-site advertising policy on Sunset Boulevard. 

Adopted Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Advertising Policy

2019 Sunset Boulevard Billboard Inventory

Environmental Review

Final Initial Study Negative Declaration Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Signage Policy

Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration



The City will conduct a merit-based process to screen signage projects for design excellence. Currently, staff is gathering input on the process and scoring criteria. The adopted policy's design principles will be used as the review criteria for all projects. A call for project submissions will open in late July 2019 and run through late October 2019.

For further information please contact Bryan Eck, Senior Planner:


The Sunset Boulevard Spectacular

 West Driving View

As part of the Sunset Strip off-site signage, the City is in partnership with Orange Barrel Media and Thomas Wiscombe Architecture to design and operate the City’s own billboard at 8775 Sunset Boulevard as a pilot digital project, (approved, October, 2018). This pilot project will provide the City and the community with the opportunity to evaluate and set the tone for creative state-of-the-art advertising along the Sunset Strip.

Background and Process

In October of 2015 the City of West Hollywood issued a formal Request for Proposals for The Sunset Strip Spectacular Pilot Creative Off-Site Advertising Sign. The City received nine applications and selected four finalist proposals that met the vision of the RFP. The four finalist teams presented their concepts to the community on Wednesday May 18, 2016.

On October 17, 2016 the City Council of the City of West Hollywood selected the winning team – Orange Barrel Media/Tom Wiscombe Architecture/MOCA/Walter P. Moore creative team to partner with the City on the Sunset Strip Pilot Creative Off-Site Advertising Sign. The concept proposes a unique site that catalyzes the Sunset Strip as a destination that honors creative media. Orange Barrel Media specializes in one-of-a-kind urban, large-format, outdoor advertising projects that engage the viewer. Tom Wiscombe Architecture provides a design that is rooted in the history, aesthetics, and forward-thinking nature of the Los Angeles region. MOCA will actively support the curation of public art experiences.

City Council Staff report approving the Final Design , November 5,2018

8775 Sunset Boulevard Billboard Project - Final Initial Study - Mitigated Negative Declaration

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

December 19, 2017, community meeting, materials presenting the proposed project and receive input from community members. 

October 17, 2016 Council Staff report

October 2015, Request For Proposals

If you have questions about the Pilot Digital Billboard project: Please contact Joanna Hankamer, Principal Planner: