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sunsetspectacularThe Sunset Strip is globally recognized for its vibrant combination of signs, entertainment, and nightlife.  It is a unique destination, vibrant both day and night. The Strip boasts the most exciting venue for billboards and tall-walls on the west coast.  The Strip has a long tradition of innovative and memorable signage. In the 1960s and ‘70s making it “big” for musical artists meant a custom-painted billboard on Sunset Strip. The Strip continues to be one of the world’s premier sites for outdoor advertising, and the City is currently engaged in two efforts to again propel the Sunset Strip into the forefront of unique, creative outdoor media. 1) West Hollywood is seeking a design team for a pilot project on the City’s own site, and 2) the City is revising the policy that will govern billboards on Sunset Strip to support greater creativity and innovation in outdoor media.

The Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Signage Study

In 2014 the Council asked for a signage policy analysis to adjust the Sunset Specific Plan policies regarding off-site signage on the Strip.  The project includes technical studies and the development of off-site sign regulations that will improve the quality and creativity of billboards and tall walls on Sunset Boulevard. Creating an exciting visual environment and designing billboards that are good neighbors requires discussion about the number, location and quality of off-site signs.  The regulations of the 1996 Sunset Boulevard Specific Plan, and recent 2016 Zoning Ordinance and Sunset Specific Plan Amendments have allowed for creative tall walls and billboards that support new technology and encourage more creativity, as well as providing additional regulations to avoid potential negative impacts. The City is considering all of these issues, and will be using implementation of the Sunset Spectacular Pilot to inform the process. 

On June 15, 2017 the West Hollywood Planning Commission carefully considered the draft Sunset Strip Off-Site Signage Policy and the associated draft Zone Text and Sunset Specific Plan amendment language along with the Final Initial Study/Negative Declaration.  Their comments will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration and approval later this summer. 

Please follow these links for more information:

City Council Presentation 9/18/2017 discussion

Final Draft Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Signage Policy

June 15 Planning Commission Staff Report

Video of Planning Commission meeting.

Final Initial Study Negative Declaration Sunset Boulevard Off-Site Signage Policy

February 27, 2017 DRAFT Sunset Blvd Off-Site Signage Policy stakeholder presentation available here.

Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a Negative Declaration  has been prepared for the draft Sunset Strip Off-Site Signage Policy.  This analysis finds that no significant impact would result from this project. The document  is now circulating for public review in draft form. The period for providing written comments is April 6, 2017 through April 27, 2017.    The document contains the draft policy language as Appendix A and  is available at the link below: 

The Sunset Boulevard Spectacular


The City Council of the City of West Hollywood  selected a creative team for its Sunset Strip Pilot Creative Off-Site Advertising Sign project on October 17, 2016 (link to staff report). The winning team – Orange Barrel Media/Tom Wiscombe Architecture/MOCA/Walter P. Moore – is proposing a concept for a vertically oriented, three-dimensional “West Hollywood Belltower” as shown in these images. 

This one-of-a-kind, creative billboard structure will be installed at the City-owned site at 8775 Sunset Boulevard as a limited-term pilot project. This pilot project will provide the City and the community with the opportunity to lead the way for creative applications of state-of-the-art advertising along the Sunset Strip. The selected creative team has envisioned an open-air “Belltower” concept with a three-sided surface a unique layering of technology, custom advertising content, and art curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), creating a unique experience that integrates the community plaza with ongoing digital art displays on the open-air interior of the structure, and access to  interactive features.

The Orange Barrel Media/Tom Wiscombe Architecture/MOCA/Walter P. Moore team combines uniquely qualified talents to respond to the City’s vision. Orange Barrel Media specializes in one-of-a-kind urban, large-format, outdoor advertising projects that engage the viewer. Tom Wiscombe Architecture provides a design that is rooted in the history, aesthetics, and forward-thinking nature of the Los Angeles region. MOCA, will actively support the curation of public art experiences. The concept proposes a unique site that catalyzes an innovative future for the Sunset Strip to be a visual destination that honors the creative media of both the moment and the future.


The project Mitigated Negative Declaration and the License Agreement will be considered by the City of West Hollywood City Council at the July 16, 2018 meeting, held at 6:30 pm at the West Hollywood Park Public Meeting Room – Council Chambers, 625 North San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069. The meeting will cover:

  1. An update on the proposed Project design
  2. Review and consideration of adoption of the associated Mitigated Negative Declaration
  3. Review and consideration of approval of the License Agreement between the City of West Hollywood and Orange Barrel Media, defining terms for construction and operation of the Project.

An Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration was released for public review on November 9, 2017.

On December 19, 2017, the City held a meeting to present the proposed project and receive input from community members. 

Please stay in touch via this website for regular updates on the process, and opportunities for participation.


The City’s pilot project on its 8775 Sunset Boulevard site will inform the broader policy for the Boulevard. In October of 2015 the City of West Hollywood issued a formal Request for Proposals for The Sunset Strip Spectacular Pilot Creative Off-Site Advertising Sign.

The City received nine applications and selected four finalist proposals that meet the vision of the RFP. Each finalist proposal expanded the idea about what a billboard site can be, bringing a unique perspective to the site, including kinetic signage, creative programming, viewer participation via social media, and site design for a multi-use public “square” as anticipated by the Sunset Boulevard Specific Plan. The four finalist teams presented their evolving concepts to the community at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers on Wednesday May 18 at 6pm. Watch it Live!

 The following provides summaries of the finalist proposals:

 For further information or questions, please contact Sarah Lejeune, Senior Contract Planner at: