Sunset Strip Streetscape Pilot Projects

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The Sunset Strip Streetscape Pilot Projects will consist of temporary 6-month installations to enhance the vibrancy of Sunset, encourage walkability and celebrate its iconic character.

The project is in partnership between the City of West Hollywood and world-renowned urban design and planning firm, Gehl Studio. Gehl, headquartered in Copenhagen (with offices in San Francisco), has a unique approach to understanding and improving the streetscape – they determine what people really want and how to make it happen, quickly and effectively. 

This project will focus principally on the following three types of physical pilot projects: 

  1. Light poles wrapped in bright colors with directions to the nearest restaurants, café, nightclubs and points of interest
  2. Painted extensions of the sidewalks at four key intersections, narrowing the distances for crossing some streets while adding a colorful kick to the roadway
  3. Creative seating and umbrellas at at parklet located adjacent to Book Soup

See this link to the conceptual designs for each pilot project. 

Each will be developed, designed, and installed in a very short time frame. Each pilot project will be temporary unless and until the City Council decides that they should be made more permanent.  These pilot projects will add undeniable “punch” to Sunset, and in the innovative tradition of West Hollywood, will be artistic, original, colorful and iconic.

It will create spaces to welcome pedestrians, invite walking, encourage interaction and draw attention to Sunset as an exciting place for people, not just cars.

The pilot projects are anticipated to be launched in Fall 2018.

Be sure to check back here for more information on the pilot project launch event!

One other component of the project will be, after evaluating the success of the pilot projects, creating a “Streetlife Action Framework” (SAF) for Sunset Boulevard.  Gehl will use visual storytelling of the pilot process and survey findings to provide recommendations for future actions on Sunset Boulevard and key takeaways for the City and stakeholders that are clear and evidence-based. The SAF may include recommendations for corridor-length streetscape improvements, intersection treatments, site-specific interventions and programming suggestions to activate streetlife and improve pedestrian safety, as well as a process for using additional pilots to test, measure and refine changes to the design and programming of Sunset Boulevard.

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact the Project Planner, Garen G. Srapyan at or 323-848-6827.