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Neighborhood Petitions

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Online Neighborhood Petition Process

All NTMP projects require a neighborhood petition as part of the approval process. Traditionally, the City has required that residents have petitions signed by their neighbors, using a paper petition form, to indicate their support for a proposed traffic calming measure. Now, residents can gather signatures from their neighbors by sharing a fast, convenient, easy-to-use online petition form. Start by checking the interactive map to find out if there is an open petition for your neighborhood. If there is and you support the proposal, click on the petition link, fill out the form, and submit for signature to be counted.

The NTMP policy requires at least 51 percent support from residents within a petition area that would be impacted by a proposal. The policy was designed to ensure there was reasonable support for a traffic calming proposal before proceeding for Transportation Commission review and City Council approval. As soon as enough signatures are reached, staff will notice the entire petition area that the proposal will be reviewed by the Transportation Commission and City Council for implementation.

If you would like to make a suggestion that is not identified in your neighborhood’s traffic study and/or there is not an open petition for your neighborhood, please email Walter Davis at   

Open Neighborhood Petitions

The interactive map below identifies which neighborhoods have open NTMP petitions. The petitions below will be open for 6 months or until over 50% of residential households express their support (whichever comes first).

If you live within the Petition Area* and support the traffic calming proposal, feel free to sign the petition. Please note that only one response will be accepted per residence/household.

*Petition areas are determined by engineering judgement and street layout. All traffic calming devices are evaluated for unintended traffic impact on the surrounding streets.

Listing of all active petitions – use this link for a list view of all active traffic calming petitions

Interactive Map – use this map to see if there is an open NTMP petition for your neighborhood. Click on the dots to view traffic proposals in your neighborhood.

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