Parklet Program

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West Hollywood Parklet Program


NOTE: The Call for Parklet Proposal period is now closed. Please check back on this site and/or email if you'd like to be notified when the call for proposal period is open in the future. 

In January 2018, the City Council approved a Citywide Parklet Program.

According to the American Institute of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a parklet is defined as a parking space sized area used for recreational or beautification purposes. A parklet is a small urban park, often created by replacing a parking spot with sod, planters, trees, benches, café tables, and chairs — even artwork or bicycle parking. Parklets contribute to the vibrancy of neighborhoods and provide much needed gathering space. 

Since parklets are designed, paid for and maintained by a non-city entity, this program also represents a unique opportunity for local businesses and/or community groups to increase quality of life here in West Hollywood.

Call for Proposals

In 2018, the City will select and provide $25,000 grants to up to seven parklets. The parklets will be distributed across the city as follows:

  • Two parklets on the Eastside
  • Two parklets on the Sunset Strip
  • Three parklets anywhere else

The parklet proposal period opened on Thursday, February 22, 2018  and closed on May 14, 2018. Following the close of the proposal period, the City will award grants to up to seven parklets to move forward to permitting and installation. The City is currently in the process of reviewing all of the proposals received for this round. 

Before submitting a proposal, interested applicants must contact the Parklet Program Coordinator to ensure site feasibility. Please submit site proposal to

Click here to download the RFP, Proposal Application and Attachments

Click here for the Parklet Design Guidelines Manual


Proposals can be received in the following formats:

  • Submitted online here
  • Emailed to [Note: City cannot receive files greater than 10MB. If your proposal packet is greater than 10MB, please send a link or use the online form above]
  • Mailed to: City of West Hollywood, Attn: City Clerk, 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, Ca 90069, Proposal: Parklets


City Grant Program

The City of West Hollywood will offer grants to help cover the costs of construction for up to 7 parklets. Grants will be $25,000 and will be distributed to the awarded parklet applications to help subsidize the design and installation of the parklet.

Permit Fees 

The City will waive all permit fees for the parklets selected to move forward to permitting and installation in 2018. 

Other Financing

Some Project Sponsors choose to completely self-fund, while others seek out grants, crowd-sourcing and community partnership opportunities as well


Main Documents

  • Parklet Manual - Serves as a guide to understand the goals, process, and policies for establishing a parklet in the City of West Hollywood.
  • Chapter 11.29 - Parklets of the West Hollywood Municipal Code - Details more technical and legal requirements for the Parklet Program
  • Parklet Application Form - Complete this document to include with your application materials.

Supplemental Materials

Other Parklet Programs 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here to download the FAQ


For any questions, please contact the Parklet Program Coordinator, Garen S. Yolles at 323-848-6827 or