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Micro-Park Pilot Program

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During the renovation of West Hollywood Park, the City is providing temporary micro-parks to activate underutilized spaces and create additional recreational space. The pilot program bolsters the City’s reputation for progressive and innovative uses of unconventional spaces and fosters new opportunities for communal engagement and recreation.

The City Council has authorized the installation of the following micro-parks in the Mid-City, Eastside, Sunset Strip and Westside neighborhoods. Please be on the look out for a micro-park on the Sunset Strip in December 2017!

Kaleidoscope, designed by Daveed Kapoor of Utopiad and Rob Berry of Berry and Linné

Westside - Northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Peer Drive

kaleidoscope 2



Photo Credit: Daveed Kapoor

Artist Statement 

Kaleidoscope is a series of colorful, rotating mirrored acrylic boxes that reflect the quality of light, the texture of surrounding buildings, and the movements of passers-by to create a distinct visual and experiential happening along the sidewalk. Kaleidoscope offers opportunities for visual, tactile, and experiential engagement that transform as one approaches, moves around, and interacts with the installation. From a distance, Kaleidoscope appears as a field of color and reflections, an ephemeral moment that changes character throughout the day. More immediately, the play of reflections between the prisms and the site produces a unique representation of daily life. Pedestrians can engage directly into this play by rotating the prisms, walking in and alongside the installation, or taking a moment to bask in the surreal experience of being inside a kaleidoscope.

TinyPark, designed by June Street Architecture and UrbanRock Design 

TinyPark is installed on the Eastside neighborhood at the intersection of Santa Monica and Vista/Gardner (near Fatburger and Astro Burger).

TinyPark is an example of "tactical urbanism," the practice of deploying quick, easy, and low-cost improvements to an under-utilized space in the City. What is currently just grass & trees will be transformed into a playful and welcoming place to sit, gather, socialize, and interact with neighbors.

TinyPark is the second of four micro-parks being installed at various sites throughout the City. Installation of TinyPark took place on, Monday, May 8, 2017. Please take a moment to stop by the micro-park and enjoy your lunch, play a game of chess or checkers, or simply enjoy the landscape. Selfies can be identified with the hashtag #Tinypark. 


Artist Statement

Tiny Park is conceived as a flexible amenity that is able to provide short-term respites in tight public and semi-public areas of the City of West Hollywood.  A collection of boxes creates casual sitting areas and adjacent table surfaces, some of which are outfitted with checker game-boards, and cup holders.  Various types of boxes may be clustered in different ways depending on the nature of the specific site conditions.

This collection of boxes is constructed of durable sheet material that is painted and inscribed with TinyPark  in order to generate social media awareness.  It is envisioned that users might upload photos and comments that may influence future installations.  Additional graphics describes potential uses and offers light-hearted musings.

Like children’s blocks designed for free play, these boxes are meant to inspire interaction while providing for an enhanced public realm. TinyPark provides a playful and informal place to sit, gather, socialize, and interact with neighbors.  It is a welcoming celebration of place and community.

Artist Bio

Sonny Ward and Malek Alqadi of June Street Architecture (JSA.LA), and Jeanine Centuori of UrbanRock Design have collaborated on realized and hypothetical tactical urbanism projects throughout their Southern California design careers.  JSA.LA experiments form an ongoing research arm to their practice.  This series of nimble, built projects and competition entries test the limits and possibilities of public installations.  Jeanine’s work with UrbanRock Design spans a variety of public art environments with the goal of sustaining cultures, highlighting histories, and strengthening connection to place. 

Projects by JSA.LA include a living cardboard Grass Wall installation selected by Lafayette College for The Art of Urban Environments festival, an honored experimental train cart proposal, PlayScapes and the Sunset Junction/ envisioning silver lake competition among others. These small-scale, lightweight installations provide a counterpoint to the firm’s portfolio of sophisticated ground-up houses, remodels, additions, and commercial projects. 

The team has also realized their civic visions through architectural education.  This outreach work has involved a series of projects conducted with Woodbury University architecture students via the ACE Center. These include socially-driven projects for public schools, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations.  Low cost | high impact projects seek to improve the common ground of communities and places with subtly, humor, and precision.  This diverse work of the team is underscored by a series of conversations about the agency of architects and designers to enact change for public benefit.

#WeLoveWeHo, designed by Moore+Friesl 

Mid-City- West Hollywood City Hall, 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard (Eastern wall on Sweetzer Ave)


Artist Statement

We love WeHo — and we hope you do, too! Share the love with the hashtag #WeLoveWeHo

The #WeLoveWeHo micro-park is a place to pause and experience West Hollywood through a different lens.

As a selfie spot, the wall aims to bringing people together — standing here, or logging in from across the miles through social media. With whimsicality, its multi-colored hearts offer us positive affirmations of love, community, togetherness, and optimism. This micro-park also includes a seating element made out of recycled redwood tree stumps. The tree stumps offer an opportunity for passers-by to sit down, enjoy the landscape and take a selfie! 

Artist Bio

Founded in 2011, Moore + Friesl is an award-winning, Los Angeles-based architecture firm offering multi-disciplinary design services for commercial and residential projects of various sizes located in the U.S.A., Canada, and other parts of the world. Their focus is on finding innovative ways to realize complex design ideas, translating digital design into physical objects. Led by Marcus Friesl and Terri Moore, who have 20 years of combined experience working for prestigious international architecture firms. Their clients include high-profile museums, institutions, and global luxury brands.


In November 2016, the City invited five design teams that have a demonstrated interest in innovative public installations to submit proposals for innovative micro-parks. Each team was asked to submit a proposal for a Sidewalk Edge and Wildcard micro-park.

  • Sidewalk Edge: A smaller-scale micro-park installation located within a sidewalk area with available excess space, which may include a bulb-out, median, etc. (approx. 10’ in length by 6’ in width). This parklet is intended to be interactive and reflect a single activity or pastime. 
  • Wildcard: An interactive prototype that can be located in a wide variety of spaces depending on the purpose (tree, light pole, fence, ground, etc.). This typology will not have a pre-determined location and will be open to the imagination of the proposer.

In December 2016, the Micro-Park Ad-hoc committee (composed of two Arts Commissioners, a Public Facilities Commissioner, and City of West Hollywood staff) convened and made a recommendation to the City Council to install the highest ranked micro-park proposal from each typology.


For additional information, please contact Garen S. Yolles at (323) 848-6827 or