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Terms and Conditions

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planetbids_logo_lrgPlease note that all bid responses are due at, or prior to, the time shown on each solicitation.  The bids remain electronically sealed until the deadline, when the system will automatically stop accepting bids, and allow Buyers to view them and tabulate the results.

Late responses cannot be accepted.  It is the bidder's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including all addenda, has been acknowledged, downloaded, and utilized in compiling the final bid they submit, and to allow sufficient time to complete the bid submission prior to the bid closing deadline.

Vendors are responsible for keeping their company's contact information current and accurate in our system.  Vendors may edit their profile online at anytime.  Since this is an automated notifications system, if your email address is invalid, or inoperable, you will not receive our bid notifications or notice of addendums.  We strongly suggest that suppliers provide two email contact addresses in the spaces provided when registering their companies,  in  order to minimize the chance of missing our email notifications when your primary contact has changed or is not checking email regularly.

Each bid will be marked to indicate if they are being accepted online only or in paper format only.  When the option for either method of submission is provided, online is the method strongly preferred by the City.

IMPORTANT - BE SURE YOU ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME FOR THE BID SUBMITTAL PROCESS to ensure receipt of the complete bid prior to the closing date and time.  Under most circumstances (i.e.. standard file sizes (less than 10 mb total file size) and a reasonably current uploading capability at your site), submittal should take less than 10 min.  Additional time is required, however, if (1) you are using older equipment with slower upload capability, (2) your bid has large file attachments or a large number of line items (e.g. more than 100), or (3) you have reliability issues with your internet service provider.  Remember to save your bid periodically in case of internet connection or power loss.  Saving attached files early (e.g. to a draft) can help reduce the time needed for submittal.  You may edit a submitted bid at any time prior to bid closing.

We have made every effort to make all aspects of the contracting process as easy, secure, and reliable as possible.  If you have questions regarding the specifications, terms or conditions of a specific bid, or the appropriate commodity codes to register for, please contact the appropriate Buyer whose name will be shown on the bids.

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