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Peddler and Solicitor

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All persons wishing to engage in peddling or soliciting activities in West Hollywood must first obtain the requisite Peddler or Solicitor Business License.

“Peddle” and “peddling” shall mean: (a) hawking or selling any goods, wares or merchandise, including liquids or edibles for human consumption, by traveling or going by any means of locomotion whatsoever from place to place, from house to house or business to business, or (b) hawking or selling any goods, wares or merchandise, including liquids or edibles for human consumption, from or on the street, on any public property or on any private property without the permission of the owner or other person in possession and control of the property, or (c) delivery to peddlers of goods, wares and merchandise, including liquids or edibles for human consumption, knowing they are to be used for the purpose of engaging in the activities described in (a) and (b) above.

“Solicitation” shall mean the request, directly or indirectly, of money, credit, property, financial assistance or other things of value for the commercial or retail sale of goods, wares or merchandise by taking an order for delivery and promising later delivery of such goods, wares or merchandise. Individuals engaged in commercial solicitation for future delivery solely as an incident to engaging in a business otherwise licensed under this chapter and for which the employer has a current, valid license shall not be deemed to be engaged in the business of commercial solicitation.


Applicants wishing to conduct peddling or soliciting activities more than 3 days per year must submit a completed business license application to the West Hollywood Business License Officer and submit to fingerprinting and a background investigation before a valid business license can be issued.

Applicants wishing to conduct these activities 3 or fewer days per year may obtain a Temporary Peddler/ Solicitor Business License.  Fingerprinting and background checks are not required for temporary licenses, but a completed business license application must be submitte prior to engaging in peddling/ soliciting activities.


WHMC 5.92.050 governs the operations of individuals engaging in peddling/ soliciting activities. 

Please note that the individual named on the license must be present during the licensed activities and must have a copy of their Peddler/ Solicitor business license on their person at all times.