Sidewalk Vendors

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All persons wishing to engage in sidewalk vending activities in West Hollywood must first obtain the requisite Sidewalk Vendor Business License.

“Sidewalk vendor” or “vendor” means a person who sells food or merchandise from a pushcart, stand, display, pedal-driven cart, wagon, showcase, rack, or other nonmotorized conveyance, or from one’s person, upon a sidewalk within the City

“Sidewalk vending” refers to commercial activity conducted by a sidewalk vendor.


Applicants wishing to conduct Sidewalk Vending must submit a completed business license application to the West Hollywood Business License Officer and submit to fingerprinting and a background investigation before a valid business license can be issued.


WHMC 5.122 governs the operations of individuals engaging in Sidewalk Vending activities. 

Please note that the individual named on the license must be present during the licensed activities and must have a copy of their business license on their person at all times.