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Garage / Yard Sale Permits

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Q: "Do I need a permit for a garage/yard/estate sale?"

A: Yes. The City requires that all those conducting garage sales must first get a Garage Sale Permit.

Q: "Why do I need a garage sale permit?"

A: The Municipal Code limits no more than two (2) garage sales per residential property per calendar. It is through Garage Sale Permits that Code Compliance monitors how many garage sales take place at each residential property throughout the City.

Q: "How much does a Garage Sale Permit cost and how do I get one?"

A: Garage Sale Permits are issued at no cost. The permit application itself is only one page (the backside contains all the "do's and dont's" you need to know) and anyone with a valid California Driver's License or California Identification Card showing the West Hollywood address where they live and where the garage sale will take place can get one. The address on the ID must be where the permittee lives and where the garage sale will take place. Garage Sale Permits are regularly issued by the Planning Division, located on the second floor of City Hall. Public counter hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Thursday and 8:00AM to 4:00PM on alternate Fridays. The public counter is closed 12:00PM to 1:00PM daily. The entire process takes less than ten minutes.

Q: "Can I do this process by facsimilie?"

A: Sorry, but no. The compliance officer or city planner issuing the permit must verify that the person actually applying is the holder of the photo ID and actual lives at the site where the garage sale will take place.

Q: "I just moved to West Hollywood and haven't changed the address on my driver's license/identification card yet, can I still get a Garage Sale Permit?"

A: Yes. Just bring with you a current utility bill that shows your name as it appears on your photo ID and the address where you live and where the garage sale will be taking place.

Q: "I live in an apartment building where two other tenants have already had garage sales this year, can I still get a Garage Sale Permit?"

A: Unfortunately, no. Garage sales are restricted to no more than two per residential property per calendar year, not two per resident. While this may seem unfair, the purpose of the restriction is to prevent perpetual garage sales taking place every weekend at the same site. It is highly recommended that if you do live in an apartment or other multi-unit residential building that you ask your neighbors if they would like to participate with you in a garage sale. That way everyone has an opportunity.

Q: "I got a Garage Sale Permit for this weekend but it rained/I had an emergency/I changed my mind so I didn't have the sale, can I do it the following weekend?"

A: Yes. However, as the dates and times of the approved garage sale are on the permit you will first have to come back to the second floor of City Hall so a new permit can be issued. This process only takes about five minutes.

Q: "Well, getting to City Hall during the middle of the day is hard so what's the consequence of having a garage sale without a Garage Sale Permit?"

A: A $150 dollar citation. Which seems like a lot of money for an otherwise free permit.

Q: "Who do I call if I would like more information?"

A: You can call the Planning Division at (323) 848-6475 and ask to speak to someone about Garage Sale Permit questions.