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In compliance with the California Governor's Executive Order N-33-20 issued on March 19, 2020, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health “Safer At Home” Order revised on March 21, 2020, all construction of commercial, office and institutional buildings, and residential housing is allowed. In addition, maintenance services provided by plumbers, electricians, exterminators, custodial/janitorial workers, handyman services, moving services, HVAC installers, carpenters, landscape and construction workers, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of construction sites and projects and housing are allowed to operate.

Information regarding both orders can be obtained from the links below:

If you have any questions regarding construction, please contact Danny Rivas, Code Compliance Manager, at (323) 848-6424.


Who Enforces the Noise Code and How to File a Complaint

The Code Compliance Division has primary jurisdiction over most noise concerns. There is generally a Code Compliance Officer on duty during the following hours:


  • Monday thru Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Weekends – 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Evenings/ Nights

  • Thursdays until 1:00 AM
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday until 3:00 AM
  • Mondays until midnight

During these hours, if you need assistance, please call the Code Compliance Message Line at 323-848-6516. Leave your name, contact number, the location, and a brief description of the concern. The Code Compliance Officer will receive the message and will respond as soon as they are able to.

Outside of the above stated hours, please contact the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Dept. at 310-855-8850. As law enforcement officers, they are empowered to respond to, and enforce the City’s noise ordinance.

Complaints can also be submitted to the City's Online Service Request


What does the West Hollywood Municipal Code say about noise? 

Construction (WHMC 9.08.050.d)

Construction is permitted to be performed between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday – Friday. On Saturdays, only interior construction can be performed between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. No construction is allowed on Sundays or on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day

The term “construction” includes any activity that takes place that is related to any demolition, repair, maintenance, or construction that requires a building permit. This also includes the loading/ unloading of materials, the use of mechanical paint sprayers, or the staging or idling of construction equipment or food services vehicles at or near construction sites.

Interior construction is considered to be when all construction activities take place inside a structure that is completely enclosed by a roof and walls, with all doors and windows installed and closed.


Construction activities are permitted to take place outside of the normal hours with the issuance of an approved Extended Hours Construction Permit. The code allows the approval of these permits for the following reasons:

  • The work requested promotes or protects public safety
  • Hardship, including but not limited to unreasonable delay due to weather, acts of God or labor strikes, would result from the interruption thereof during the hours and day.

Report a Possible Construction Noise Violation

Commercial Tree Removal or Trimming Services 

The trimming or removing of trees by a commercial service using any electrical or gas powered machine between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, or at any time on Saturdays, Sundays, or City Holidays, is prohibited.  Residents and property owners may perform these activities themselves but shall not employ any professional gardener or tree trimming service in doing so.


Commercial tree removal/trimming activities are permitted to take place outside of the normal hours with the issuance of an approved Extended Hours Construction Permit.

Report a possible Tree Trimming/ Removal Violation

Leaf Blowers (WHMC 9.08.050.h)

The West Hollywood Municipal Code prohibits the use of any portable leaf blower that is powered by a combustion or gasoline engine.

Electric leaf blowers are permitted.

Report a Possible Gas Leaf Blower Violation

 Dog Barking/ Animal Noise (WHMC 9.08.050.g)

No animal is permitted to make noise that disturbs the peace of other residents of the City. It is the responsibility of the animal guardian to make sure that their animals are good neighbors.

Barking is one of the ways dogs communicate. It can signify anything from playfulness to danger. The animal guardian is responsible for ensuring that the noise created by the animal is not so frequent or continuous that is rises to the level of a nuisance.

However, dogs sometimes bark when they are:

  • Lonely
  • Unexercised or under-exercised
  • Deliberately or unintentionally provoked by people or passing dogs
  • Sick
  • Hungry, thirsty, etc.

If you suspect a dog is being mistreated, contact the LA County Dept. of Animal Care and Control at (310) 523-9566.

The causes of barking listed above should not be part of a dog's life. As well as indicating a possibly distressed animal, chronic excessive barking can disturb people living nearby.

Report a Possible Animal Noise Violation

Amplified Sound, Radios, and Musical Instruments, Etc(WHMC 9.08.050.a)

Between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, no noise shall be made by any stereo, television, musical instrument, or similar device that is plainly audible from a distance of 25 feet or more.

Outside of these hours, the noise code is quiet on what constitutes a violation. As such, it is up to a Code Compliance Officer or law enforcement officer to determine if noise being created rises to the level of a violation.  This code section is primarily directed at residents.  Noise from businesses is addressed in 9.08.050.i.

Engines, Motors, Mechanical Devices (WHMC 9.80.050.c)

Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, no person shall repair, test, or operate any motor or mechanical device in a manner that is plainly audible from a distance of 50 feet or more from any structure, or at a distance of 10 feet or more from any residence.

This would include lawn mowers or other landscape tools, compressors, generators, etc.

Loud Parties and Gatherings (WHMC 9.08.050.j)

It is prohibited to generate any noise from a party, event or other gathering of people on private property that is determined by a law enforcement officer to constitute a threat to public peace, health and safety or a violation of this code or state law due to:

  • the magnitude of the crowd
  • the volume of noise
  • the level of disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood
  • unruly behavior
  • excessive traffic, or
  • destruction of property generated by the party or gathering.

As this is a criminal issue, only the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Dept. can respond to these concerns. Please contact them directly at 310-855-8850.

Commercial Establishments Adjacent to Residential Property (WHMC 9.08.050.i)

Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, it is prohibited for any commercial establishment to generate any noise that is plainly audible from a residential property. Outside of these hours, if you feel a business is creating too much noise, the City will use the general noise code to determine whether or not the business is being too noisy.

**Exception – Events that take place under an approved Special Event Permit are exempted from the noise ordinance unless this condition is expressly stated on the permit

Report a Possible Noise from Commercial Business Violation

Click here for a printable Noise Brochure  (Please note that this brochure has not yet been updated with the changes to the noise ordinance that went into effect on July 20, 2016)