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Real Estate Signs

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The West Hollywood Municipal Code regulates the time, place, and manner in which real estate signs can be used in the City. The information contained below will help answer most questions that people have on this issue: 

Where can I place For Sale/ Rent signs?
For sale signs must be placed entirely on private property and not encroach onto or above any street, sidewalk, parkway, or other public right-of-way. 

What are the specific requirements for my For Sale/ Rent signs?
The specific requirements regarding the size, number, and placement of For Sale/Rent Signs are detailed in this document: Specific Requirements for Sale/Rent Signs [PDF]

What is considered public vs. private property? 
For the purposes of this issue, public property is that space from the outer edge of a sidewalk to the outer edge of the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. Signs shall not be placed on the sidewalk, street, parkway, or any other land that is owned or under the control of the City, County, State, or any other governmental entity. 

What Is the difference between on-site and off-site open house signs? 
On-site signs are those that are placed on the physical property that is being sold. For common interest buildings, this would include any common space of the building/ property. Signs that are placed on the sidewalk, street, or parkway are considered to be off-site signs, regardless of whether or not the signs are immediately in front of the property address.

What are the boundaries for the City?
Please reference our map of the City of West Hollywood. [PDF]