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Short Term Rentals

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AirBnB, FlipKey, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.

If you are a property owner in West Hollywood and want to host a guest for compensation for less than 31 days, you must apply for and obtain a Home Sharing Business License.  You are eligible to obtain a Home Sharing Business License only if you own and reside in the unit during your paying guests’ entire stay.  Any other use of housing in West Hollywood for compensation for stays of less than 31 days is unlawful.

How Do I Register for a Home Sharing Business License?

Registration is easy!  Follow the link below to the registration page.  Please note that this page is only for property owners.  Renters are not eligible for Home Sharing Business Licenses.  Proof of identity, ownership, and residency must be provided.

Home Sharing Business License Registration Page

How the City Responds to Complaints

When Code Compliance receives a complaint about a housing unit being rented for less than 31 days in violation of these laws, a case will be generated and the enforcement process will begin.  The following is a general guideline on how enforcement will proceed. 

Step 1 - A warning notice will be issued to the tenant or property owner.  The tenant or property owner will be directed to take the appropriate steps to correct the violation. This means the immediate stoppage of renting housing for less than 31 days and discontinuation of all advertisements for such an activity.

Step 2 - If the violation continues, citations will be issued to the violating party.  These fines will begin at 400% of the advertised rental rate and go up to 800%.  Advertised Rental Rate shall be defined as the advertised nightly rate multiplied by the minimum number of nights required to rent the dwelling or part of the dwelling. The Advertised Rental Rate shall not include deposits or ancillary fees. 

For ads that do not have a listed rental price, fines range from $1000.00 to $5000.00.

Step 3 - Continued non-compliance may result in this matter being referred to the City Prosecutor's Office for criminal prosecution.

How to Report a Short Term Rental:

If you believe that a violation of this law is taking place, please contact Code Compliance so that we can begin the enforcement process. 

 **When filing a concern, please provide a link to a website or advertisement for this rental if possible

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