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Landscaping Your Parkway

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To ensure and promote pedestrian safety, the City of West Hollywood annually inspects the sidewalk and parkway located within the Public Right Of Way. The inspection reveals that some parkways are in a hazardous condition due to the street trees having been surrounded by concrete, uneven or missing bricks, or thorny plants.

In accordance with State and West Hollywood Municipal Codes the property owner is responsible for the ongoing installation and maintenance of the parkway landscape (see our "Parkway Design Guide" [PDF]). The following guidelines are provided to instruct property owners on what they should and should not do with the parkway area:

  • The private property owner (and not the City) is responsible for the installation, maintenance and grooming of the parkway including all walkable surfaces and all landscaping. This includes keeping areas free of weeds, dead foliage and spent flowers, and maintaining walkable surfaces level without any differences in elevation sufficient to be a nuisance or a hazard to pedestrians.
  • The private property owner abutting any sidewalk or alley shall keep such sidewalk and alley in a clean and wholesome condition, and shall remove all dirt, rubbish and debris from such sidewalk or other adjacent area.
  • No plants in parkway strips shall exceed 18" in height. It is preferable to plant material that does not grow higher than 18 inches, in preference to planting large material that will require regular trimming in order not to exceed 18 inches in height. No plants with thorns are permitted in the parkway zone.
  • Filling in of the parkway area with bricks, concrete, rocks, or any form of carpeting or astro-turf
    is not allowed. Objects such as planters, large stones, statues, benches, and above grade lighting fixtures are not permitted in the parkway zone. Access to fire hydrants must not be impeded by foliage.
  • If a property owner desires to place a bench in the parkway or sidewalk area, they must first procure an Encroachment Permit from the Department of Public works.
  • A minimum area of 4 feet along the curb of either bark, gravel or decomposed granite the width of the parkway is recommended wherever a tree is planted, in order to allow for the growth of tree roots.
  • Fences of any height are not permitted in the parkway zone.
  • Street trees in the parkway may not be installed, replaced, trimmed, or removed except by permission of the City's Landscape Maintenance Supervisor.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. We are looking forward to making the community safer and more pleasant.