Street Light Repairs

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The City of West Hollywood has recently purchased the street lights within the City from Southern California Edison. Please report all street light outages to Tanko Lighting. You can click here to use Tanko Lighting on-line reporting form for Street Light Outages.

You can also report street light outages by telephone to Tanko Lighting at 855-201-2613 (TOLL FREE) for immediate assistance. 

Please report:

  • Street lights which are not operating at night
  • Street lights which are going on and off
  • Street lights which are staying on all day
  • Broken glass
  • Open, broken, or missing light fixtures
  • Damaged poles
  • Exposed wires
  • Light fixtures which are blocked by trees

When requesting repairs, please give the street address closest to the location of the light being reported and please give a daytime phone number, in the event we have difficulty identifying the reported location.