Recycling Guide

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All residents within West Hollywood are encouraged to recycle. The following guide explains those items that are accepted and not accepted in the West Hollywood curbside recycling program. Please use this guide to determine what to place into the recycling receptacles:

Recyclable Non-Recyclable
PAPER Newspaper, magazines, phone books, junk mail & envelopes, carboard boxes, dry food boxes, office paper, computer paper, milk cartons, drink boxes Paper with food on it, paper or boxes with wax, plastic or foil coating, wet paper, string or plastic bags.
PLASTIC Soda bottles, dry cleaner wrap, colored plastic containers, plastic garbage & shopping bags, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 plastics. Plastic items with no triangle symbols.
GLASS Glass containers and bottles. Light bulbs, pyrex containers, window glass, mirrors, ceramic glass (mugs, plates, etc.)
METALS Steel, bi-metal cans, tin cans & aluminum cans. Aerosol cans, paint containers and metal objects other than cans.
GREEN WASTE Grass clippings, plants, branches, shrubs and wood. Treated or painted wood, furniture, food waste, pesticides, plastic materials, rope, string, wire, palm fronds or yucca.