Ongoing Strategic Programs

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  • Promote Economic Development while Maintaining Business Vitality & Diversity
    Recognize the strength of our diverse business base. 
  • Upgrade Existing Buildings Infrastructure
    Recognize the need to shore up aging housing and other private improvements, as well as invest in City's aging infrastructure. 
  • Transportation System Improvement
    Work to improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 
  • East Side Revitalization
    Through the Community Director's Commission and the PAC, continue to explore opportunities to enhance the East Side. 
  • Adaptability to Future Change
    Through strategic planning, anticipate and plan for the future to ensure that we are providing relevant programs and policies. 
  • Institutional Integrity
    Maintain and enhance government integrity in all City operations. 
  • Community Education
    Encourage civic engagement. 
  • Actively Participate in Regional Issues
    Effectively work and partner with our neighboring governmental agencies. 
  • Support People through Social Services
    Continue and expand social services programs as appropriate to needs and changing demographics 
  • Value and encourage the broad diversity of cultures
    Ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation - that uniquely defines the West Hollywood community. 
  • Collaborative Public Safety
    Promote traditional and non-traditional approaches to public safety; recognizing diversity and community involvement. 
  • Enhance Technology and Access for the City and its Citizens
    Recognize the need to maintain City's technology infrastructure and expand access of resources to our citizens. 
  • Enhance and Expand Disability Access throughout the City
    Encourage greater awareness and implementation of access regulations.