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West Hollywood Park Phase II - FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions: West Hollywood Park, Implementation of Master Plan Phase II 


Q: What is the West Hollywood Park Master Plan Phase II Project?

A: The project is the implementation of the second phase of the West Hollywood Park Master Plan (“the Plan”). Exciting park improvements will create more open space in the park and build new 21st century park facilities.


Q: If this is Phase II, what was Phase I?

A: Elements of the Plan that were completed with the award-winning Phase I Project included the creation of additional park open space and landscaping, the West Hollywood Library, a five-story parking structure and single-story plinth parking structure, a promenade, two outdoor basketball courts, and three rooftop tennis courts.


Q: What will Phase II include?

A: Phase II of the Plan will include a new Aquatic and Recreation Center, additional parking, two dog parks (one for small dogs and one for large dogs), two children’s playgrounds (one for younger children and one for older children), adult exercise areas, picnic areas, an AIDS Monument, and more.


Q:  An Aquatic and Recreation Center?  What will that include?

A: The new four-level, 75,000 square foot Aquatic and Recreation Center will feature two roof-top swimming pools, including a competition pool and a recreational pool; a multi-sport court with bleacher seating and scoreboards that will accommodate play and competition on two full-sized basketball courts or one NBA-sized basketball court, or three volleyball courts, or two dodgeball courts; five community meeting rooms and one conference room; Recreation Services Division staff offices; a new “Tiny Tot” program classroom; a public access television studio, lockers, and additional parking. 


Q: Will the new building be LEED certified?

A: With a 65kW Photovolatic Panel System to generate energy, a water harvesting system, and drought tolerant landscaping, the new Aquatic and Recreation Center is designed to achieve no less than a Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating. Furthermore, demolition and construction waste will be sorted and recycled to reduce, by at least 80%, the amount of materials that will go to a landfill. Local materials and resources will be utilized to further reduce the carbon footprint for its construction.


Q: Who will be able to use the new Aquatic and Recreation Center?

A: The new facilities will be open to the public.


Q:  Will the park remain open? Will swimming still be available in the existing swimming pool while the new swimming pool is being constructed?

A: Yes, the park will remain open. The City and its partners in the effort are working diligently to minimize impacts on park users. The existing swimming pool will be open until the new Aquatic and Recreation Center is open.


Q: Will the activities in the existing Auditorium and Tiny Tot building still continue to take place during construction? Will playgrounds and basketball courts still be available?

A: Park facilities will remain open and accessible. The existing Auditorium will be available for use until the Aquatic and Recreation Center is complete. The Tiny Tot building will be removed and classes will move to an alternate location. The playground area will have some equipment moved, but will remain.


Q: Will the West Hollywood Library remain open during construction?

A: Yes, the library will be open during its regular hours, and the City Council Chambers/Public Meeting Room and the Community Meeting Room will remain open for scheduled events and meetings. To ensure safety, all construction areas will be blocked off by fencing and pathways will be clearly marked.


Q: Will parking still be available in the five-story Public/Park structure and Library structure during construction?

A: Yes. Access to the structure via El Tovar Place from Robertson Boulevard will be closed, but access via San Vicente Boulevard will remain open. Parking in the adjacent Library garage may be periodically impacted during construction; parking in the five-story Public/Park Structure will remain accessible and available.


Q: How will construction affect the public parking lot on El Tovar and near the park?

A: The El Tovar lot (near Robertson) will be closed and removed as part of this project. The parking spaces will be replaced with spaces in the new Aquatic and Recreation Center, but will not be available until construction is completed.


Q: Will there be any other impacts to parking?

A: Yes. Some meters on Robertson may be periodically impacted during construction. Notices will be placed well in advance of the impacts to notify the public. The public parking lot off of Melrose Avenue, near Robertson Boulevard, will be periodically impacted during the day, and the alley leading off of that lot will be closed for the duration of the construction. The metered spaces along the alleyway on the northeast side of the park off of San Vicente will be permanently removed. 


Q: Will the Christopher Street West LGBT Pride Festival still happen while the park is under construction?

A: Yes. The City is working with the event organizers to create plans that will allow the festival to continue.


Q: With El Tovar closed and construction happening in the park, will there be a path from the parking structure through the park to reach the businesses on Robertson?

A: No. Pedestrians will have to walk around the park along San Vicente or along Melrose in order to access businesses on Robertson. There will a pedestrian path from the five-story Public/Park Structure to the park from the pedestrian bridge on the third floor of the structure.


Q: How can I find out more information and stay tuned to updates about construction?

A: Project updates will be posted regularly to and you can join a project update notification list by emailing

If you should have concerns or inquiries, reach out to West Hollywood City Hall’s Department of Public Works at (323) 848-6375.

Aquatic and Recreation Center Construction: By the Numbers

Aquatic and Recreation Center

The new Aquatic and Recreation Center will be constructed with approximately:

  • 1,500 tons of steel
  • 6,000 cubic yards of concrete (equivalent to approximately 650 concrete truck loads)
  • 20,000 square feet of windows
  • 75,000 square feet of flooring, including
    • 8,000 square feet of carpet
    • 4,000 square feet of ceramic tile
    • 16,000 square feet of rubber flooring
    • 15,000 square feet of sports court flooring
    • 32,000 square feet of concrete flooring
  • 137,000 square feet of interior finished walls, including
    • 120,000 square feet of painted walls
    • 12,000 square feet of tiled/water resistant walls
    • 2,500 square feet of acoustic wood wall paneling
    • 1,500 square feet of plastic laminated wall paneling
    • 1,000 square feet of plastic resin wall paneling 

Prior to and during construction, 20,000 cubic yards—or a 20 foot depth—of soil will be removed and replaced to address poor soil conditions of the site.  This is equivalent to approximately 1800 dirt haulers.