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city hallIn 1984, a dedicated grass root group of renters, Seniors and Gay and Lesbian activists joined together to make a small 1.9 square mile section of Los Angeles County known as West Hollywood, an independent city. The City was incorporated on November 29, 1984. Today, more than 23 years later, as a result of their vision and hard work, West Hollywood has become one of the most admired and respected cities in the country. Centrally located, West Hollywood shares boundaries with the cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. West Hollywood has a Council-Manager form of government. Law enforcement is provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and fire protection is provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The City’s annual operating budget is more than $75 million.

West Hollywood is passionate and creative in its approach to City government and has established itself as a leader in many of the critical social movements over the last twenty years. The City has led the way in the fight against HIV and AIDS; rent control and affordable housing; LGBT rights; human rights and civil rights; women’s rights; Seniors; protection of our environment; and animal rights.  

The City of West Hollywood is proud of its unique and diverse population of 36,000 which includes members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community; Seniors; Russian-speaking immigrants and an emerging Latino population.  

West Hollywood is an internationally-famous destination. It is a treasure trove of some of the most exciting places to visit in Southern California. This is due to the City’s vibrant and creative business community. West Hollywood is also known as the “Creative City” for its diverse collection of businesses in art, design and architecture. It is the West Coast center of the interior design industry. Santa Monica Boulevard, the City’s “Main Street,” is one of the most traveled streets in Southern California and part of the historic “Route 66.” One of West Hollywood’s greatest assets is the world-famous Sunset Boulevard, also known as the “Sunset Strip.” It is unquestionably one of the most famous streets in the world.    

For nearly thirty years, the City of West Hollywood’s residents, business, civic and political leaders have been unwavering in their commitment to the community’s Core Values which have formed the foundation of the City’s services priorities. These Core Values include Respect and Support for People; Responsiveness to the Public; Idealism, Creativity and Innovation; Quality of Residential Life; Economic Development; Public Safety and Responsibility for the Environment.