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Submitting and Airing Programming

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How do I submit programming to air on West Hollywood Public Access?

  • You must be a West Hollywood resident to submit programming to the station.
  • You must attend an Orientation and sign up as a member.
  • You must be a current member in good standing.
  • You must submit all programming with a Cablecast Request Form.
  • All programming is scheduled on a first –come-first-serve basis.

West Hollywood Public Access schedules pre-recorded programs in two ways:

Single submissions:  WHPA accepts single shows anytime throughout the year. A single submission is a program from 30 seconds to an hour long; we can usually schedule singles within a week of a request; programs that run longer than 30 minutes (28:30) sometimes take longer to schedule.

Series submissions:  WHPA only accepts series submissions prior to each Season. Series programming is granted for the length of one season. Our seasons run in 4 month cycles.  A series time slot is granted for programs with four (4) or more episodes of the same approximate total run time and format. After the completion of a season, new episodes must be submitted with a new cablecast request form.

Weekly time slots are granted for shows of 30 minutes or less. Bi-weekly time slots are granted for shows longer than 30 minutes up to an hour.

  • West Hollywood Public Access has three program seasons each year, starting in February, June and October.
  • The submission period for new Series requests is always the month prior to a season’s start.
  • A member requesting a series time slot must deliver four (4) DVDs or mpg2 files with a Cablecast Request form prior to the beginning of a season in order to be granted a weekly time slot for the duration of the season.

Finite Series: If a show is submitted mid-season, we can grant a series slot of finite duration, for no more than four (4) weeks.

All programming is accepted on a first come, first serve basis. West Hollywood Public Access strives to accommodate scheduling requests but cannot guarantee a requested time slot for cablecast of a program.

Live Programs
Live programs must be produced according to Live Production Guidelines.

  • Only Producers may generate live programs – Sponsors and Associate members are not eligible to produce live programs without an eligible Producer.
  • Members must attend a Studio Workshop prior to working in our studio.
  • Live single programs must be scheduled in advance and are limited to 30 minutes maximum in length.
  • Live Series Programs are chosen through a lottery system. A producer must request a series time slot prior to a season. Producers that win the lottery will choose from a list of available series time slots and submit a Program Contract for the first episode prior to the beginning of the program season.
    • Because live programs originate from the City of West Hollywood's Cable TV facility, content of programming originating from the live space must comply with regular program guidelines, and must comply with West Hollywood municipal and California State code laws regarding conduct in public places.

Program Ownership
All programs produced at WHPA are property of the producers, who own the copyright and assume responsibility for all program content. WHPA reserves the right to make a copy of any program produced at the facility for any reason, including promotion or further cablecast.