Rent Stabilization

Rent Stabilization & Housing

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Increasing Equity and Inclusion

City of West Hollywood Housing Programs create and maintain housing affordability and provide tenant protections.


Renting in West Hollywood

   Whether you own or lease rental property, or you rent your housing, here is what you should know.  


Affordable Housing Requirements for New Development

Planning to Build Housing? Here is what developers should know

Resident Support & Empowerment

  West Hollywood Social Services. Connecting community members with social services helping residents remain in housing and reduce homelessness, improving quality of life, and prolonging independent living.  


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 NEW!  Online Landlord Service Portal
 Annual General Adjustment  (2.25% September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020)  
 30-Day Notice to Increase Rent [PDF] (Use this form as guide to increase rent)
 Security Deposit Interest Rate is 0%
 RSO Educational Series (Learn about the West Hollywood Rent Program)
 Section 8 In West Hollywood (Allowed Rent Increases, Contract Rules, Reasonable Accommodations) 
 AB 1482 Information (State-wide rent control effective January 1, 2020) 

News Letters & Workshops


2020 Summer Newsletter
Providing news and information on Rent Stabilization

2020 Building Blocks Workshops
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 Building Blocks FEBRUARY 2020  FLIER - TENANT    

Schedule - Tenant

  Building Blocks FEBRUARY 2020 FLIER - LANDLORD

Schedule -Landlord

Annual Reports

Provide data and information specific to the rent program and housing programs, along with key issues facing West Hollywood.



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Take our Housing Survey, and learn about current housing studies and programs.